1.7-New Achievement Web

As many know, the web of achievements in the Minecraft options menu has changed, in quite a few ways. Certain game modes actually may have different webs, but for now we will focus on single player survival. Now, on the achievement web some new ones have been added, and some taken off. Theres the main story line, and the sub-lines to the side. On this one, we will talk about the main line. As almost everyone minecrafter knows, the goal of the game is to work your way to the end and slay the dragon, that was easily proven by the fact that it was the last achievement, in which you obtain the dragon egg. However, in 1.7, theres now achievements higher than those. Some of you may be asking if the dragon is no longer the focus of the story, but I will assure you it is. The two achievements added that are above the dragon ones are concerning the other boss mob of minecraft (the menacing Wither). The first of the 2 new achievements is simply marked by “???”. I believe this achievement is obtained by either obtaining 3 wither skulls from wither skeletons, ¬†or by spawning a Wither. The achievement after that is marked by a glowing square around a glowing netherstar shaped figure. It has no name, but I believe it is obtained by defeating a Wither and obtaining it’s netherstar.

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  1. miningvillager10 says:

    Hey Excell,
    It’s Mini, Just wondering when towncraft will update to 1.7.2, this is keeping me from getting on TC D: which is the worst thing EVAHHHH


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