Monthly Archive: July 2014

Minecraft Celebrate 0

Fit Club: First Milestone Reached!

Our first milestone of 125,000 steps has been reached! To celebrate, the first 500 players who use this coupon will receive $250 Kolbucks! /coupon h7qu5 Hurry, you’ve only got a week to use it!

Grumpy Cat Says no to /sell in Minecraft 6

/SELL is Gone. Long Live /JOBS

Now that /jobs is in full swing, in order to preserve the integrity of our economy I have decided to remove /SELL. If you’re looking to make money on the server, use /JOBS and...

Minecraft Titanic 9

Boat Building contest!

Hey guys Silvernail7 here with some great news! We’re having a building contest! today through July  14th Mail T0RRENZ that second letter is zero that you’re participating and build a kinda cruise ship boat...