Monthly Archive: June 2016

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I had the best day ever! It started as an ordinary day, I was doing some farmwork, gathering some sheep (why do they keep escaping their pen?), re stocking a few of my stores, chatting to...

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Hello, I Am Lilla H

Hello everyone!! My name is Lilla H! I think most of you recognize me by now! I live here in Towncraft and guess what? From now on you will get almost daily updates from...

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Thank You, Staff

Whenever I log on to Towncraft some players who haven’t seen me on before will thank me for creating Towncraft. It warms my heart to hear that something I created as a chance to...

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New Rank: Moderator

Yesterday on Towncraft I announced our newest rank: Moderator. This rank is the stepping stone between player and becoming staff. Moderators are here to help you, as well as work to keep chat safe...

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Tent of Telepathy

__Minecraftman built a Tent of Telepathy on the TC4 server! To ask about the show, /msg __minecraftman! He even showed me around back-stage. Here are some photos of the inside of the Tent!

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Head Shop Upgrade!

Drumbwoy and other members of our Towncraft staff team have upgraded the head shop! In /tc4, the head shop near /spawn has become one of the most popular attractions. Now, it’s even better, featuring...

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__Minecraftman’s Story

Here is a story by reporter __Minecraftman! “Ok, so here’s how it happened. I was in tc3 when it was raining, and then lightning struck! 3 skelly horses with skeletons on their backs spawned!...