Boat Building contest!

Hey guys Silvernail7 here with some great news! We’re having a building contest! today through July  14th Mail T0RRENZ that second letter is zero that you’re participating and build a kinda cruise ship boat and may the best builder win!

-Silver P.S. That Picture is not from TC I got it off the internet.

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9 Responses

  1. Chitterchatter_ says:

    Oh very nice! Can’t wait to see all boats! 🙂

    Whats the prize?

  2. T0RRENZ says:

    Winning entries will have their boats featured at the new Port & Marina where your boat will be claimed in your name so that you can sleep there and store your weekly groceries from the spawn shops 🙂

    Boats that are tied up at the Marina will also have first chance to buy a new feature that we will be adding to Towncraft soon but I can’t say more on that yet.

    Speedboats, Cruisers, Yachts, Ferries, Tug Boats, Fishing Trawlers, Swamp boats, Etc are all welcome.

    Show us what you’ve got.

    Mail me the coordinates of your boat in-game.



  3. Ahsen_ says:

    Ooo, cool! Wish I’d seen this sooner. 😀 Will you post pictures of all the entries for us to ogle at? 😀

  4. AppleThrower says:

    I would definetely participate, but I don’t have the supplies. 🙁

  5. AppleThrower says:

    I guess i will enter

  6. AppleThrower says:

    can we team up?

  7. CatsRule543 says:

    I don’t know what kind of boat mine is. 😛

  8. TheTazyoyo says:

    I like this idea and I’m building with a friend right now! Any prizes btw?

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