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"The Ants' Picnic" Winning Build by MapMom 0

Winners of the Pixel Art Contest

    Here are the final results for everyone: Place Name 1 MapMom 2 Nistak 3 TanzaniteNewra 4 PieAl7 5 Craftfox24 6 Mayblossom2705 7 EvilOtter 8 princessonf 9 pikachufan10014 10 ClareBear0925 11 lilahcatrose 12...

Weekly Build Competitions 0

Weekly Build Competitions

  LAST WEEK’S WINNER WintyDM_WhoOwl, Luca_Doyle_89, 1derful_Luna, RainbowGod_ (The Build is the Giant floating house on the lobby) New thing, this is week 3 in April, and just now getting to telling people about...

tc-news-owners-new 7

New “TC News” Owners

A few of you may have noticed that I haven’t been online much at all lately. That’s because I’ve been extremely busy with schoolwork. However, I noticed that whenever I did get online, several...