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Pardon Our Dust 1

Pardon Our Dust

The Towncraft website is undergoing a complete revamp. More news, more resources, more… stuff? Anyways, it’s going to look a little disarrayed this weekend but everything should be in order soon! Stay Tuned!

Creative World is BACK!!! 3

Creative World is BACK!!!

The IP: Creative.Towncraft.US The old map has been added, unfortunately you’ll need to zoom around and find your old builds because we only had the map data. I didn’t have the claims data or...

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!! 3

ICON Voting! – Until 1/1/2014!!!

Here are the submissions For the Towncraft icon contest! – Voting ends 1/1/2014. 1.   2.   3.   4.  5.  6.   7.    8.  9. 10.    

New TeamSpeak Server Address! 0

New TeamSpeak Server Address!

Our old TeamSpeak server will be shutting down in a few days so you will need to connect to our new server: See you… er… TALK to you there! -Kol

Pocket Edition Server Offline 1

Pocket Edition Server Offline

Unfortunately the Minecraft Pocket Edition Server experiment has come to an end. While it was exciting to be able to offer a PE server and see it actually work, what wasn’t exciting was all...

Move Complete! 0

Move Complete!

  PLAY.TOWNCRAFT.US should be working now and directing you to our new Minecraft host. Heck, there’s even a good chance you didn’t even notice the move. We had a few hiccups when we first got...

Towncraft has a new Minecraft Host 0

Towncraft has a new Minecraft Host

  What do you mean Towncraft has moved? Well, it was supposed to be a secret but because sometimes DNS servers can take a while to update with some Internet Service Providers, I had...

Like Us on Facebook! 0

Like Us on Facebook!

Did you know? Towncraft has a Facebook page! It’s just another way to keep you up to date with everything happening on the awesome world of Towncraft! Like Us on Facebook Today!

Towncraft is now running 1.6.4 5

Towncraft is now running 1.6.4

Towncraft is now running CraftBukkit 1.6.4. Join us today to see…. um…. all the bug fixes? To help generate excitement I’ve drawn you this awesome graphic by hand with my mouse. You’re welcome.

Heads Up: 1.6.3 Bug Fix patch drops tomorrow for Minecraft 0

Heads Up: 1.6.3 Bug Fix patch drops tomorrow for Minecraft

Heads up, 1.6.3 will come out of pre-release and be officially released & automatically installed through the Minecraft launcher tomorrow. — Nathan Adams (@Dinnerbone) September 18, 2013 You may find that you can’t connect...