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Leaping onto the next board! 3

Awesome Parkour Course!

So, [someone- I just realized I mixed up the name. This did not belong to gmoneyman… if anyone knows who really built this, give me a heads-up. I really apologize for this ‘^^] created a really, really...

Super Duper Important Towncraft Minecraft Server 0

Update your IP!

If you aren’t able to connect to Towncraft then you need to update your IP in Minecraft to: PLAY.TOWNCRAFT.US We recently moved our webhosting on to a different host to stop interfering with the game...

Meweverdeen speech bubble towncraft family friendly minecraft server 1


So, first of all I’d like to apologize for inactivity on the website ‘^.^ I’ve been busy with other things, but now my schedule is clearing up. If you have any ideas for me...

Valentines Day Heart at Spawn on TC3 0

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Towncraft! Be sure to swing by TC3 and look for the heart at /spawn to get a present from me for Valentines Day! Your Friend, Kolgrath

TC2 on Towncraft Minecraft Playground 5

TC2 is on the /Playground today!

When you connect to Towncraft today, if you do /playground you can check out TC2! Some people have said /spawn isn’t taking them to the right spot, so you can try /warp stream and...

Sad Creeper 0

Goodbye, /Kolgrath

All good things must come to an end, and /Kolgrath was not immune. Since not many were playing on a regular basis we’ve decided to use those resources for something else (and probably more...

Server Downtime Notice 0

Server In Maintenance Mode

You currently are unable to join Towncraft as I am working on updating the server’s backend. This is the maintenance we announced yesterday. You can keep up with all the excitement of server update...

Kolgrath Headshot 0

Towncraft, Back up!!!

Hey All.   We are currently working on towncraft and bringing updates and changes to the server. We are working as quickly as possible to get the changes in and bring towncraft back up...