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  1. VukeTheDuke says:

    Maybe celebrate my birtday because my birthday is the same day as towncraft’s, August 3rd. We could do a tournament of some sort like spleef or racing.

  2. Ahsen_ says:

    Lots of FIREWORKS… If I am a very good Ahsen_ and get that library working can I nominate myself for a bunch of free materials to design some OUTRAGEOUSLY cool fireworks which can then be mass produced and distributed to all current players for a truly explosive celebratory event?

    How about building a big building and then blowing it up?
    There was a shocking lack of youtube videos on how to set off multiple TNT charges, so I fiddled around until I figured out a method for a sequential fuse. 😀

    Hmm.. it sounds like all my ideas revolve around massive minecraft explosions tonight… Definitely time to go to bed. My IQ must be recessing…! >.<

    …But wouldn't it be cool to actually coordinate a formal fireworks display like they do on the 4th of July and New Years? I wish you could time-fuse minecraft fireworks (set them on the ground and NOT have them fire off instantly). The closest we could get would be to coordinate a few level-headed pyros at heart with a planned sequence and distance for setting them off so viewers at a specific location could get a panoramic and climactic pyrotechnic experience. I'm overexcited about this because I've recently started building hand-crafted-with-love-and-care fireworks in creative mode for my family to enjoy. I want to keep perfecting the craft but it's less fun with few or no viewers to enjoy my work, and some materials are precious and hard to get in survival mode.
    Goodnight! ^_^

  3. AppleThrower says:

    I think we should make an anniversary party building in Spawntown, and have an awesome drop party! we could also organise a server where everyone gets op, which would be fun. AHSEN_ your idea is great. 🙂 . I am really looking forward to the celebrations! When is it?

  4. VukeTheDuke says:

    Oh the Towncraft Anniversary is on August 3rd

  5. mhp4085 says:

    I will probably do a firework show or everyone can group together and do massive fireworks!!! My minecraft was broken or i would have done them on the 4th.

  6. soren_Ella says:

    Maybe a giant mob arena tournament? I like Ahsen_’s idea too.
    P.s I’m a level headed pyro!

  7. Count von Stroganov says:

    We should do another round of MineSpleef++, like we did a few months ago. I’d love another Play for Keeps pick.

  8. TheGeneral says:

    Maybe we could introduce a new minigame to towncraft as well and in the mob arena we could have a keep kolgrath the alive.

  9. avm321 says:

    Like TheGeneral said, introduce a new minigame (my favorite is capture the flag. hint, hint XD ) and maybe have drop party with really good loot and a fireworks show. 🙂

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