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    My list of towncraft suggestions: I’m going to split this up into categories so people can see what they like, and comment on it. I’ve took a few ideas from other people, I hope you don’t mind.

    Server Organization

    1. Gamemode 1 worlds. For creative, I think that there should be this: A portal linking to the spawn creative world (See tree 1) then that spawn will link to build game, CF, Creative, and then a role playing world. The role playing world will have a chat channel, which will be defined
      in the “Chat Channels” section.
    2. Gamemode 0 worlds. For survival worlds, I think that there could be a spawn for all the survival worlds, and the spawn will have portals pointing to the HG server, the TC[Version] server, the /SK server, the /skyblock server, and the /bed and /bed2 servers.

    Oh well, here we go again.

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    Chat Channels

    • The normal chat channel. This is for normal conversation across all servers or worlds, and for making PUNS! xDDD
    • The RP chat channel. This chat channel is on the RP world and you can listen in with /channel join RP (/channel stands for channel, the current command we have. The pram “join” is for joining a channel. The pram “RP” is for telling the computer that the channel you want to join is “RP“. (The syntax is /channel [join|leave|switch|set|send|spy|players|list] <pram>.)

    Oh well, here we go again.

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    Trees: Part I
    spawn for creative
    | | | |
    CF Build Game Creative RP

    spawn for survival
    | | | | | |
    SK HG TC[Version] skyblock bed bed2

    Oh well, here we go again.

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