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    Is Drake’s world temporary or long term? I have an idea for a massive build but I don’t want to invest that much effort if its going to be gone soon.

    ...how can they know unless someone tells them.

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    You might know that I am one of the people in charge of running the DW server.
    As far as I know, DW will be up for a good long while, and is not going anywhere anytime soon, so feel free to build something awesome on it.
    I in particular encourage people to build cool stuff on DW, as I would love to see the server be filled up with awesome buildings.
    If you have more questions about the DW server, feel free to message me on Towncraft while I am online. My current username is 90DegreeEvi.
    Cya round!

    I am a Guardian on Towncraft, as well as one of the people in charge of DW, also known as Drake's World.
    If you need any help, feel free to talk to me any time!

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    Wonderful. You will be impressed with my build when it is done.

    Do VIP Perks work in DW and if so, which ones? 20 homes is the one I’m most eager to have.

    ...how can they know unless someone tells them.

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      As far as I am aware, generally VIP perks work in DW.
      Actually, in DW we have more VIP perks than usual lol, as we have some special plugins that are VIP access only. E.g. Vehicles and Disguise.
      Typical VIP perks such as /cook and color chat do work though, but I am actually unsure on the state of the perk that adds more homes in DW. We were having a few issues with it the last time I heard, so no one could get the full number of homes they normally should have.
      I will update you about this when I hear more :D.

      I am a Guardian on Towncraft, as well as one of the people in charge of DW, also known as Drake's World.
      If you need any help, feel free to talk to me any time!

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    Thanks, I love DW. Not many players on it though. It’s so clean and unblemished.

    With VIP I’ve been able to set 4 homes though it says I have 5. What VIP perks does DW have and how do I use them?

    A few more questions

    Does the Nether or End refresh daily/weekly/monthly?

    Is there access to warp mines or something similar?

    Can you catch animals & villagers with eggs?

    ...how can they know unless someone tells them.

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    VIP Perks
    There are many VIP perks to DW, although we may have issues with the homes one right now.
    VIPs have access to vehicles, although you must purchase them. These vehicles include tanks, cars, helicopters, brooms and more. To access the different vehicle shops, you must type a different command, e.g. helicopters are /helicoptershop brooms are /broomshop, etc. You can type /help and it should show you the rest of the shops through that.
    Some of them are VERY expensive, but there are ways to occasionally get the vehicles without paying so much. E.g. if you get enough vouchers, you can get a low quality vehicle from me. Or sometimes they are given out for free. You can pick your vehicle back up after placing it by shifting and right clicking it. Please do not leave them lying around.
    Additionally, VIPs have access to our awesome Disguise plugin, which lets you disguise as various mobs. You can type /d to view the variety of mobs you can become and details about the plugin.
    The format of the primary disguise command is /d mobname mobstats.
    So /d is the base command, mobname is the name of the mob, mobstats is any additional, special traits you want to have. For example, /d wolf baby will make you appear as a baby wolf.
    We do have a few rules about this plugin.
    So first and foremost, you must name yourself when disguised, and the name must include at least part of your username in it. You can accomplish this by doing the typical disguise command, but adding another part at the end that is custom-name=, then your chosen name after the equal sign.
    E.g. /d mobname mobstats custom-name=Namehere.
    If you are not named, staff will undisguise everyone on the server. This is in place so we know who everyone is and can ensure no one uses the plugin to, say, hide themselves from staff while griefing.
    You are not allowed to disguise yourself as the falling_block mob if that is available, as you cannot name yourself when disguised as that.
    You are not allowed to become boss monsters/absurdly large monsters, such as the giant mob.
    You cannot be disguised as players. Sometimes, these rules can be bent, such as if Drake disguises you as one of these things. It is still discouraged. If Drake goes offline during such a time, I ask that you undisguise yourself.
    You cannot abuse the ability to name yourself while disguised, either, and you cannot use this to “troll” other players.
    These rules are all in place to ensure players are safe and happy, and to prevent lag as well.
    I cannot currently think of any other DW VIP perks besides these neat plugins and the typical VIP perks, such as /cook. We are constantly changing plugins on DW, so VIP only plugins and commands and etc may change in the future.
    I will mention some cool plugins we have that are NOT VIP only, though.
    We have elevators, which allow you to use an emerald block as an “elevator.”
    If you stand on an emerald block and there is one somewhere directly above or below you on a different part of the y axis, you can crouch or jump to teleport to the next emerald block in line.
    We also have an emote plugin, which lets you use preexisting emote commands to “do” something, like /me but more limited.
    We have highfive, hug, smile, raspberry, thumbsup, applaud, bark, beg, cheer, cry, greet, poke, slap, wink, laugh. There are a few more you may see that are restricted to higher staff, such as dance, eat, spin, and punch. Some of these may or may not change in the future.
    You can use it by doing either /emotename or /emotename playername
    There is a possibility we will have something called Companies in the future. I don’t personally know very much about it, but it seems to be a mostly fun, random thing, that may allow you to share a kind of bank with anyone in the company. So pretty much a way to share money with anyone else in the company.
    And finally, you can do /sit and /lay.

    Other Questions

    The Nether and End, as far as I know, will not be resetting. However, the first time anyone beats the dragon after respawning it during a day, I will give them a dragon egg.
    Subsequent victories up the third defeat a day will earn you a 5 point voucher.
    If needed, I will teleport someone out further within the nether if you need to find an untouched area of it.

    There is no warp mines or anything like such. However, you can purchase a teleport out to untouched land for 5 voucher points. Any biome of your choosing, as long as I can actually find it.

    Yes, you can in fact catch animals and villagers with eggs. DW uses the egg catching plugin TC4 had before it changed to a different system of egg catching. So the way you can capture mobs is by throwing an egg at it while having five diamonds in your inventory.

    Hope I helped, and sorry if it takes you awhile to read this XD.

    I am a Guardian on Towncraft, as well as one of the people in charge of DW, also known as Drake's World.
    If you need any help, feel free to talk to me any time!

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    Could you list all of the vehicles?

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    Never mind, I just saw the command that gives you the list of vehicles.

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