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    Hello TownCraft!

    My name is Nistak, and I joined TownCraft about a week ago after searching for a nice family friendly Minecraft server.

    I’m a father of 4 girls, 3 of which play Minecraft with me. I have run a Minecraft server myself, but when I’m at work or traveling – I am unable to really monitor or manage it. So, that’s what led me here. I spent a couple nights on the server and determined that it was a nice safe place where my kids could play either on their own or with me. So thank you for keeping TownCraft family friendly!

    My daughters are LailaTheCutest, TaylorTheSlicer, and GamerLizzy. We have decided to live in TownCraft on the Kolgrath server, and have set up a small area that we have been terraforming and building upon for the last week or so. If you go straight ahead from spawn, and make a left when the road ends, we are just down and to the right. A couple of my kids are younger, so if you see LailaTheCutest or TaylorTheSlicer online, they may not be able to reply in chat. GamerLizzy is a bit more industrious, will chat, has wired her house with a Redstone light switch, and has even set up a small trade hub in front of her house along the road. We usually play together of an evening, and I tend to stick around for a bit after they go to bed – sometimes a bit too long… 🙂

    So far we are enjoying the server and have come to like the feel of the add-ons on Kolgrath, specifically the ones that allow /home and /back, and the old WoW player in me is liking mcMMO; it is very reminiscent of skill leveling that I experienced in an old MMO called Asheron’s Call that I played a long time ago.

    We are still learning about some of the things we can do on the server specifically with the essentials addon, but discovered iron and gold blocks and their use last night. The website here mentions /ep enchant, but that does not appear to be running on Kolgrath. We wanted the hard survival experience, so we are OK either way on that one. Any tips on server specific helpful commands or items are welcome. 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi! and hope to see everyone around in TC.


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    Great to see you and your family, I’ll keep an eye out for you all!
    I hope you all enjoy your time here 😀

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    Very glad you here, I’m 2skywalkers and I just want to let you know this server is as kid friendly as can be. Me and other staff do lots of stuff to keep the server safe, is something bad is said in chat, it It will be cleared very fast. Also, the /ep thing is outdated, lots of the stuff is. Also, thanks so much for putting your trust in us, thanks.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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