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    If you have a question about Towncraft, post it here. To mark your post as a question, check the box “This is a support topic” before you click submit.

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    This forum has been updated so all messages posted are marked as support issues by default. No need to look for that box to check it. Just post what you need and we’ll help you!

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    Hi this is about RebelWar.
    I know that to rank-up in RW you need a lot of points. But after a few thousand, I have no idea what to aim for anymore. It would be really helpful if someone can post a list of Points/Rank because I am just starting to get bored with no known objective Thanks C:!

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    Help! My launcher updated yesterday and now I can’t get to the server. I get an error:

    Failed to connect to server
    Internal exception: java.lang.nullpointerexception

    I’m on MAC OSx
    Minecraft version 1.11.2

    Please help 🙂

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    Im not the best at all this stuff. The best advice I can give you is to try and restart your computer.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    No, no, just no.
    Here is how to fix this problem:

    Go to “multiplayer”
    Then at the bottom of the screen click “refresh”

    If this does not work simply restart Minecraft.

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      Actually it was the new launcher. I used the old launcher and was able to get in. After a few days the new launcher worked as well, so all is good now.

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    Well, either way you fixed it and that’s what counts! Good job on doing so! 😀

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    My VIP had run out and I had to update my payment info. Canceled my VIP and and resubscribed so it would take effect. The money was deducted but I still don’t have VIP. This was March 1st 2017. I have asked a few admins but they were unable to resolve it. Can someone assist?

    ...how can they know unless someone tells them.

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    Hey stainlessoul!
    I can ask a higher admin to look into it if this is still a problem. Sorry for the delay! Hope we can get this sorted out for you.
    I take it your in game username is stainlessoul?

    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... 😛 Have fun!

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