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    i am searching for a place to build in tc4 and i dont have any food anymore i dont have money to buy food and i didint find a place to build only beacouse IN THIS SERVER there is no command to SPAWN IN RANDOM PLACE because reasons. Please help, i dont know what should i do.

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    Hello bagdadas!
    I agree, finding land is a pickle. It takes a while. What I’d suggest is going to one of the player warps that are listed at /warp tcwarps and running from there to look for your place to build.
    I think that as a new player you start out with $50 or so dollars, if you use that all up then you may have to ask in chat if anyone has any food they can give you to keep you going.
    If you ask in chat for help, there are lots of helpful players and Moderators/Staff Members/Administrators that would be most willing to offer you the help you need.
    I hope you find a place to live in TC4 and I hope you enjoy your time on Towncraft. ^-^

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    Tc4 has a warp called warp new. You should be able to find some land there.
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