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    Hi, im 2skywalkers, and on town craft I’m a champion. I recently started working in the Player Engagement role to help the server grow and make everyone on the server happy. First, I would like to say congrats to NerdyBirder to getting promoted to Champion, if you see them, please say congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    Acid rain or not.
    There are several things we would like to know. The first is about sky block. As you all probley know, sky block has been re opened and lots of stuff has bene removed, there is something that we removed from the original sky block though. Acid rain. Acid rain is, well, acid rain. When its raining, and you go in it, it hurts you. We would love your feed back on if you would like it or not.

    Improvements on towncraft.
    Next is, things you would like to see improved/added on towncraft. As said above, we want to make the server the best for everyone. We can’t come up with all the ideas ourself so we would like input from you guys. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below or /mail and/or msg 2skywalkers in game, I will be happy to listen. There is always a chance your idea might be added, but no guarantee.

    Staff in the eyes of players.
    Last, but not least, is how staff are doing in the eyes of players. We can’t see everything, so thats why we need help from you guys. I would prefer you just /mail 2skywalkers, since some stuff might be personal. If a staff member helped you, please feel free to share it with us, what, and how they did it. All this is to help us improve out staff them to make the server the best for all of us.

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to read this, thanks.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    Hi 2sky! Its me! supermudmatthew! First off, I would like to say that I DO NOT like acid rain. It makes it so you must hide from the beautiful rain and be afraid of it! No more puddle jumping? I don’t think so. Second off, I wish that there were more things in /is ms. Like maybe rails or cobble or more mob eggs or lots more stuff! Also, the big change I want to see on skyblock is mob spawners. I know that this would be a huge jump, but I think we need to do it because I know (and I’m sure others do as well) that it makes it just a bit more fun for those players that are further up there in /is top. like R2DEE2 or Palanquin (not sure that’s how you spell it) if we made the spawners like $300,000 or more, i think that would be a reasonable price for maybe an Iron Golem spawner. Also I have a question. Is OptiFine allowed on TC? If so then I might use it. Please leave your ideas in the comments! Thank you for reading this whole thing! This is Super! See ya!

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    Thanks so much for the reply. And yes, optifine is allowed, thanks.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    Hint Hint Water Breathing potions = Acid rain no hurt ya.

    Like a boss! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    There are so many improvements that could be made to Towncraft I’m not even sure where to begin.

    Let’s start at looking at the rules:
    You can find the rules at several places yet each one of them does not give you the same information that many new players need. Here is a list of the main ones:

    The forums: Gives you a basic outline of the rules, but nothing that would be little help to a player in game or to a parent.

    TC4 spawn in the form of a book: This has to be the worst place out of all of them. Not only are there misspelled words, but also several rules that need corrected. To add to that the dispenser is half the time empty and requires an admin to come and refill it frequently.

    /warp rules: This place may be the second best place get an idea of all the rules. However, as with TC4’s spawn it has several errors in spelling and has many other issues that need to be corrected.

    Now you might ask what all is so bad about this. The problem I have with this is not only are there issues that need to be corrected, but due to the fact that not all of them have the same rules. What this means is that the average player needs to go to several places just to get the information he or she needs to know. This is a huge problem when concerning parents as well. What we must realized is that your average parent will most likely not go onto the server, go to TC4, and read all that those places have to say. If we think realistically we will come to the conclusion that they would look at the forums most likely. However as we know, the forum’s rules do not have all the information that they need to know and understand. Which if you don’t know is quite the problem. What I suggest is that the forum’s rules are updated and are given the information needed or in the form of a book that players can get via /kit rules. If not that at least for all spelling errors to be corrected.

    I have many other suggestions for TC however, I want to see how you take this first.

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      Hi theman
      Towncraft is a Family Friendly Server and we have some written rules which we have tried to provide in the few ways you have mentioned above. There are probably 10 times as many unwritten rules that as a FF server we need to have to protect players and staff, these are normally slight variations of the written rules provided. If we were to write the rules on signs or in books etc someone would be forever doing new 300epage books and warp rules would need a new server to hold the signs.
      Regarding the spelling mistakes we have staff of all ages and so will get varying degrees of correct and incorrect spelling etc. This is not a big problem unless the sign is unreadable and if so it would be replaced once discovered or reported by a player.
      If you feel there are any major rules that are not in either the rule book or in warp rules then please let us know and we can add them.

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    OK. I just went rummaging through the different links on this site nd wow. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ We are SOOOOO Out of date and not complete on this site! I mean cmon! Look some of the links up there! Ranks?! that was like a year ago! I’m not trying to be mean, but this is a bit out of hand. alot of those links are not relevant anymore. and i think that if it isn’t on TC anymore, it shouldn’t be on the site. I have experience with creating a website and it is pretty easy to remove a page. If you need help managing the site, I can help! I know about WordPress and how it works. (I’m not the best but i know the basics) Just a quick update to the site would be a nice refresher! Maybe a new look? If you need anything, I’m here to help! Also, another suggestion I have would be maybe a new rank. I know we have “VIP” and “Pilot” But lots of players (myself included) don’t have the money to spend on those ranks. I think that we should have the old “job” ranks back where once you get to a certain mcMMO level, you get a rank in-game. for example, If you like to mine, then you get to mcMMO mining level 500 you get the /cook command and a [Miner] rank in chat. I think that would be cool! because people that play lots but cant buy VIP can still get something for their hard work! I hope you get something out of these suggestions and maybe even apply some! Remember! I am here and I can help with ANYTHING! Thank you in advance! -Super

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    Exactly what I was trying to say supermudmatthew.
    R2DEE2 I will try to get to you as soon as possible, but I have school related activities that need to be accomplished. I thank you for taking your time to post for it is very helpful.

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    Before I begin I would like to go ahead and say first sorry for double posting, but also for thank you for replying to my post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let’s talk:
    Frankly I’m quite surprised that you allow these errors. After playing on Towncraft for quite awhile now I know that you spend a lot of your time on there. (As do most of the other staff members) Which is why I’m very confused on why you or someone else can’t take 15 minutes just to go in and correct these errors at least. Or even go onto the forums and update the rules to make it more understandable for other players and parents.

    “If we were to write the rules on signs or in books etc someone would be forever doing new 300epage books and warp rules would need a new server to hold the signs.”

    Not exactly, a server known as “” did their rules in the form of books and have done very well. All you have to do is type /rules in chat and you get all the rules right there and then. I was suggesting this same method, get rid of /warp rules, books at TC4 spawn, and all other places. Instead replace it with two books: the first one would contain rules that cover lots of ground and are understandable. The second one would contain game specific rules such as “No mob grinders on TC4” etc. (The books could be obtained via /kit rules) On the website would be an exact copy of this except made in a way that would help parents reach it easier and just be a good reference to look at.

    If you oppose this idea I do hope that you will at least take the time to correct the silly spelling errors.

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    Alright mate, if your going to edit my stuff I would like an explanation. When I said “” I was giving an example on what another server did and how well it worked for them. So really it was kind of me to even tell you about it considering it would only make Towncraft a more safer place for kids to go to. If I was really trying to advertise I would have not even suggested that idea.

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    We are always looking for feedback from our players, whether in-game or here in the forums. Please feel free to let us know any ideas you may have to make TC the best FF server. ๐Ÿ˜€ I have seen other servers have the same way of listing the rules, along with signs when you first log into the individual servers. TC is constantly evolving, so the more suggestions you make the more possibilities there will be.

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    Adraeus I love what you said, but I don’t think all the other Admins are on the same page. You can see how I suggested how to do the rules and how it would most likely make Towncraft a better place. As you can see however, my post was edited and the server’s (This server of which has flourished from the idea) name was removed. Really it was quite generous of me to even give a suggestion. So I’d appreciate if my post is not edited by staff for unnecessary reasons in the future and if so an explanation in the edit log.

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      Just as in game, you can’t mention other servers here on the forums. We don’t advertise TC on other servers, so we ask our players not to advertise other servers here. It’s not our intention as staff to make it seem like suggestions dont matter. We listen, read, and discuss all suggestions that are brought up. But most of it is behind-the-scenes, where staff can make decisions without getting the hopes of the players up.

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    Yes, but in the way it was done was wrong. R2DEE2 never explained why he had done this and made not a single effort to at least make it proper grammar. As you can see it says “a server known as โ€œโ€” What is “”? What could have been done is “a server that I know of” and then in the edit log say “We are sorry, but we do not allow other server names to be mentioned on TC”

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    I would like to start of by saying bassicly what R2DEE2 said, spelling is not a big thing. I do agree that we could do better on the rules. Lots of stuff goes ok though so I think for now its fine. I like the idea of /warp rules though, I think it would really clear stuff up. I know mob grinders can be confusing, I’m not exactly sure about them either.

    I think its pretty clear that he had a good reason to edit your post though.
    I can neither confirm or deny that any of these things we talked about will be changed, but I will see what I can do.

    Thanks for you feed back.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    It seems that none of Towncraft’s staff seem to even care about grammar. I easily tell you that it is a skill that is needed for the rest of your life and I think that all of you should practice on it or at least use auto correct. Anyways thank you for your post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hello TheManWithTheOversizedMustache!

      I do not mean to come off as rude or as a nitpick, but before you complain about the grammar used by others, please double check your own. Firstly, “I can easily tell you..” , “…a skill that is needed for the rest of your life, and I think…” , and “Anyways, thank you for your post!” are all some examples of grammar mistakes in your previous post. It is a simple life rule- along with the correct use of grammar, as you stated previously- to treat others how you would prefer to be treated. Treating others nicely and with respect is also a TownCraft rule that is mentioned in every place where the rules are recorded and publicly posted.

      Secondly, since we are on an internet forum, it is important to remember that grammar mistakes are always going to occur. I feel that as long as what someone writes is able to be understood, grammar mistakes can be forgiven and do not need to be called out. Additionally, many users here- not excluding staff- have become accustomed to using terms commonly used to abbreviate longer phrases. This is very common on the internet even though it is not always grammatically correct. I hope that you can adopt this tolerance for minor grammatical errors as well.

      Finally, thank you for all of your input! I see that several staff and admins are already responding to your suggestions and inquiries, and I will leave it to them to further discuss with you!

      Thank you once again,

      Lilahcatrose | Admin | Staff-Management | Cat Lover

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    I look back at that post that I just made today and I can say that it definitely was not one of my finest. I myself like you said have made many mistakes in the field of grammar in my past as well as present. I thank you for catching me on that and apologize to anyone I may have offended for it was very hypocritical of me. However, that does not mean that there were mistakes in that post. I used what is known as “passive writing” which is frowned upon by grammar professors and teachers, but is not necessarily incorrect grammar.
    Let’s jump off the topic of grammar and please allow me to reword that post of mine. The real problem that I have with what R2DEE2 did was the fact in how it was handled. When he did it there was not a single explanation or comment on why this was done. All I saw was that my post had been vandalized and not even cleaned up. In the future I would just personally appreciate that when editing someone else’s post to make sure that it makes sense. I think we can all agree that “Not exactly, a server known as โ€œโ€” does not make a whole lot of sense to the average player joining the conversation.

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    Hey there !
    I just recently got on here, I had lost my login details, lol.
    I’m 100% positive R2 didn’t mean to insult or seem like he was just leaving your post non-understandable, he just wanted to get rid of the server name that had been written in said post. In answer to what you say about there being no comment or explanation as to why it was done, I would’ve thought you would’ve seen why it was done when you saw what was removed, as by the TC rules you are not allowed to share server names/IP’s, but we do also understand that you were simply showing us how the said server done their rules.

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    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... ๐Ÿ˜› Have fun!

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    New suggestion:
    We all know that Rebel War has been knocked out for quite some time now. I was thinking that a new team vs team mini game could be added to replace Rebel War for the time being. To be specific The Bedwars plugin for Bukkit 1.11. I think it would not only be something new and fun for players, but it would allow players to work on a team and use their skills to win on the playing field. All other games have been Player versus player while this one would be team versus team. That way if the team were to lost they’d all be in it together which I’m sure would lower the amount of arguments between players.

    What do you guys think of this idea?

    (I know I’m suggesting an entirely new mini game. Which I understand is not the easiest think to do)

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    Hey there Dowg
    There has been alot of suggestions for new PvP games in the past, I do personally think that having another game to take over from Rebelwar would be awesome. The high admins have been super busy getting Skyblock all set up and fun, but they were talking about adding a new game soon.

    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... ๐Ÿ˜› Have fun!

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    Hi everyone! One thing I want to say is first off… Bed-wars Is not the best PvP Team game out there… My favorite is one called Egg-wars. Its Much like Bed-wars where you must destroy the egg/bed and then kill the players. but the difference is that a Dragon egg Is much more fun to defend than a bed. I play it on a server that I enjoy a lot and FYI Egg-wars was Invented First. I can’t seem to find the link to the right plugins page for it. So if you like Bed-wars Better… I won’t complain.

    More Improvements:

    Another Improvement I want to see in TownCraft Is a better Staff-to-Player Relationship.
    Right now it seems like most new/young players on TC see staff as these Lordly Figures which are only there to be Important and Help with things that are out of the players control. they dont see them as Fellow players and friends. (as I see xDragonKaiser RightyBird Adraeus Lilahcatrose and xNuwa. If I didn’t mention a staff it’s because I don’t know them that well) I feel like if the staff start being more interactive with the players (not that some aren’t already) and engage in more normal survival the players will become more accustomed to asking for help in the right way and following the rules. Staff are kinda like role models for the players and I feel like it would work better that way. I’ve read Kolgrath’s “OP Guide” and I feel like that is what He is intending. I hope this article helped with Imput from a normal palyer like myself to see what we think of towncraft. Thank you for reading! -Supermud

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    I suggested Bedwars not only due to it being fun, but mainly to it being compatible to the newest Minecraft version. I myself have never heard of “Egg-wars”, but based on what you described it sounds pretty good. As for the staff being more interactive with players I think that would be a wonderful idea. It would not only help the server’s record, but make it more enjoyable for new players. This of course would help the server grow significantly I’m sure.

    Great ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I personally think, yes, staff interacting with players is really good, but some staff are more builders/hardcore survival masters/ect, so they may not chat as much as they are always busy builder/making redstone contraptions, but are also always there to do what a staff needs to do (monitor chat, help players if they ask). Some people are naturally chatty, and some are naturally quiet, a bit like in real life, in your school there are probably a mixture of outgoing/chatty teachers then teachers that are mostly focused on the teaching part of their job instead of interacting with the kids. I’d also say 75% out of a 100% of staff are more on the chatty side. But, remember if a staff isn’t that chatty to you it’s nothing personal!

    With the new PvP games, I do think it would be fun to have another mini game. As soon as our high admins have some time I’m sure they can try take a look at a few games. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you for all your amazing and fun ideas!

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    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... ๐Ÿ˜› Have fun!

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    You make an excellent point on that. However, I think that even just going to introduce yourself to a new player could make a huge difference. Staff wouldn’t even have to do it all the time just every once in a while hunker down and see how the players are doing. Either way a majority of staff that I know and based on what I’ve seen have done great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for the replies! I was wondering how to create a forum topic, can someone help me on that? thanks!

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    1: Make sure you’re logged in.
    2: Click “Forum”
    3: Click one of the topics listed below that fits what you’re about to post about.
    4: Go all the way down and write your topic.
    5: Once done click “Post” ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I know how to post! xD I want to know how to Create my own topic!

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    Ok I just looked around the forums and see what you mean! Thanks!

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    R2DEE2 you’ve told me to report major errors in the rules. Here they are as you wanted:

    Found at /warp rules it says “Claims expire after 30 days if the player does not login”. This however, is untrue for as I was walking around TC4 I came across a house of a player who had not logged on in months. When I contacted an admin though I was not allowed to keep the house because it is actually up to admins weather you may claim the house or not. I’m sure how this can be confusing especially after it is mentioned in the test after the rules.
    Spelling errors may not be an error for you, but for others there are several spelling errors that make /warp rules very hard to read.
    How to claim land is not explained very well leaving many confused after reading it at /warp rules. This is why I believe why there are so many unclaimed buildings.
    Many signs will start a sentence, but then just end randomly as if the sign after it was removed.
    It’s mentioned so many times, but not everyone knows what being “Family friendly” means. What a lot of people see this to mean is “Whatever is allowed in your family” which as you can see may be a problem. I just wish it was better explained even my family was surprised at some of the things listed as not family friendly.
    Iron and gold farms are not allowed on TC4 yet they are everywhere on Skyblock. I ask why this is allowed.
    /warp rules encourages players to ask staff about problems on the internet. This covers a very large area with many of the subjects contained within being things that I don’t think parents would be okay with strangers conversing with them about.

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    This website seems to not allow me to edit my post so I’ll make the corrections here:

    *on the test

    Following text should replace line 2: “Though small spelling mistakes may not be an error some of the larger ones may make it hard to understand for other players. Fortunately, they may be fixed.”

    (I’m sure there are more as Lilahcatrose has pointed out previously)

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    New Idea:
    After looking at TC’s chat you may find that players say “Staff” quite a few times. Sometimes their questions being very easy to answer. My idea would be for on the forums or listed somewhere else would be a Q/A. This would answer things such as “How to become staff” or “How to make money” all in one big list (These only being a few of the common questions). That way staff would stop being bugged with questions such as these. I think it would also be helpful for players for it answers some of the main questions.

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    New Idea:
    What if Mob Spawners were added to Skyblock. I understand the lag this may pose, but it would also bring fourth many new possibilities in the field of redstone. Limits could be set on it as well such as admin shops selling them for expensive prices or there could be a small chance you get one in the form of vote crates. What do you think?

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    Hello, Mr. Moustache. I have already talked to RightyBird on this Topic and he (who runs the skyblock server for the most part) said that he would not like to add them because it would make it too easy to make farms and level up your island and such. So, I am pretty sure that we will not be adding mob spawners to skyblock. I do like the idea of vote crates, though. but that could also cause some problems with younger players not knowing how to vote and things like that. But nevertheless, I think we should add them! I feel like if we did, we could put things that are very hard to get inside, like diamonds, obsidian, beacons, (very low chance) armor, weapons, and villager spawneggs. We should make it so you would only be able to vote once per day. We could also add worse things like cobble and netherrack which would have a higher chance of people getting them. Thanks for the ideas! -Super

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    I beg the differ that it “would make it too easy to make farms and level up”. This would only be true if there were not limits to how you obtain mob spawners. If you were to make it so you could only have a certain amount of mob spawners or they were listed for a crazy amount you could easily balance how they work. The main point is that can they be overpowered? Yes, they can. However, that is only true if they are not correctly balanced. I have played on many other Skyblock servers and they have done wonderfully even with them.
    As for the vote crates and younger players not being able to operate them. Towncraft has a huge staff of over 70+ strong. If not one of them can help a younger player vote then there is a huge problem. Which I think you know already is very unlikely for not at least one of them to help.

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    New suggestion for factions or /pvp as it’s known:
    What if the difficulty was changed to hard? Creepers already don’t spawn very commonly on easy. Also being on easy difficulty also makes mob farms almost useless. I had one and only had one skeleton come down in 5 minuets. The point is that this would allow players to get a reasonable amount of TNT from mob grinders so they could raid bases. This would also make factions a bit harder which may be a positive as well as a negative for you.
    Could there be vote crates? This would not only encourage voting, but would make factions a lot of fun.
    Could /back be removed? It can be at times very annoying. For example let’s say I found your base and got inside it. You may find me and kill me, but all I have to do is /back. This allows players to continue attacking again and again without stopping. The only real cost being power and exp. I’m suggesting this or you lose your items on death.

    What do you guys think? =D

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    At first, there where a lot of mobs spawning. Kol was on at the time and asked if the players liked all the mobs. Most of them did not, so we reduced it. We also don’t really need tnt. To raid a base you can over claim a base. The need to have more land then power though. What you do is go on there land and do /f unclaim, and that will unclaim there land. If that does not work, try asking in server chat.

    I also think we will keep keep inv because it would cause a lot of arguments when players lost there hard earned stuff considering how many young players are on this server. Im also not sure about vote keys.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    I understand that players do not like lots of mobs spawning, but TNT is vital to your success on Factions.
    Uses for TNT on factions:

    TNT cannons: These ranged weapons allow players to strike bases from afar and do serious damage to it. They’re also sometimes needed to even take control of a base.

    Blowing up chest and terrain.

    Strip mining.

    And many other uses to come. I’m sure now you can understand why I quite disagree that “We also donโ€™t really need tnt”

    /hard had it where when you died you lost your items and it never became a problem. If that is true why could we not try it in /factions. If not that could there be a reward for killing players? Such as TNT, Gapples, Enderchest, ect..

    The idea of vote keys is really up to Kolgrath and the other high admins. However, that does not mean that its not a bad idea to add them. As I said before they can be very useful and a lot of fun.

    Also, may you give your thoughts on /back being removed?

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    I have an idea for /PvP (Factions) that I think would be a nice change. What if we made it so when you’re fighting at spawn in the “War Zone” then keep inv is off. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I think it would be great. That way, if players want to fight to get stuff, they can do that at spawn. But if they are adventuring and accidentally die, they don’t loose everything. This way, players won’t get so mad when they get raided and can’t fight because all their things are gone. Overall, it would be better. Also, TheManWithTheOversizedMoustache? What is your in-game user? Maybe we could talk in-game? thanks! -Supermud

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    That is a great idea mate! That way players would have choice whether to fight knowing they would lose their stuff or keep far away from the warzone. =D

    My user name goes by “Dowg” if you would like to talk to me I’m usually on from 2:40 to 5:00 Eastern time throughout the week.

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    I understand your POV with the tnt. Like I said above, people can just over claim other peoples bases. I think we have a problem right now with tnt, I think we are able to blow up stuff in other peoples claims.

    I think we also have a problem with people loosing power. When someone gets killed, they don’t loose power in the spawn area as of now. Im not sure how to make them loose power. I think its best to just not really worry about the tnt thing. As this is a kid friendly server, completely destroying what they worked hard on, is just not nice. Just simply taking valuables would work. If we can fix the loosing power thing though.

    I know you can say, they don’t want there stuff blow up, just don’t play. That won’t really work though, we can’t just let people not play if they did anything wrong. They might just want to play to have fun, but at the same time, not want everything gone. There are a lot of young kids on this server and that can really upset them. As you know, this is a kid friendly server, so we want to keep the arguments to a minimum on factions.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

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    Just so you know, I’m going to make a topic about factions so we can talk about factions there.

    Hi, Im 2skywalkers and I have been playing Towncraft for a few years now. On Towncraft, I am a Champion, so, feel free to ask for help.

  • #32303

    Alright I’ll make my new post over there. =D

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    Thank you for all of the suggestions for a new mini-game here and in-game.

    BedWars has been added to Towncraft and can be accessed with either /bed or /bedwars.

    You may also use the BedWars portal in the Lobby.

    Kolgrath | Owner | Towncraft Family Friendly Minecraft Server

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    You’re very welcome thanks for reading them! ๐Ÿ˜€
    If I have anything else to say I’ll make sure to put it here.

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