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    My daughter DiamondGee08 has worked really hard to build up her claimed land. She logged in today and everything was either taken or distroyed. All of her items were taken ie 2 stakes of diamonds and 1 stack and 32 emeralds that she had mined. Her land was distroyed on purpose with blocks missing and her animals too!!! Please let us know what to do about this situation THX!! DiamondGee08’s Mom – Jaime

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    Well that’s no fun!

    Don’t worry though it can be fixed!

    1: Go ingame, go on to the server, and press tab on your keyboard

    2: Admins will be listed in Red, Blue, Green, or Rainbow

    3: Type /msg (Admin Ingame Username) (Your problem)

    4: They should clear up the rest!

    If that does not work wait for an admin to reply on this post.

    Hope this helped! 🙂

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    If you do /ticket an admin should come about an hour to about a day to fix the issue. /ticket works like this.
    Type /ticketcreate [message] in game.
    Then you will get your ticket number, say it’s 11,
    you would do /ticketview 11 to check on your ticket.
    Hope this helped, let me know if I made any mistakes with /ticket.

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    My daughter DiamondGee08 has worked really hard to build up her claimed land.

    The only way a greifer could have gotten in is if the land wasn’t claimed or she trusted someone who was a greifer. So, check and make sure all of the land is claimed by right-clicking the ground with a stick. If it’s claimed you should see, this land is claimed by DiamondGee08, if you see it’s claimed by another person get an admin right away. If it’s claimed by her, stand inside of the claim then type /trustlist. If she trusted one person it would be easy to know who to blame, however, in the rules admins and staff do not give you back greifed items if it was someone you trusted, do /untrust [player name] if you feel like untrusting them if this is the case she will need to carefully who she trusts.
    Hope this helped.
    If you need help teaching your daughter how to claim watch this video

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