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    I am a very new minecraft player and even newer to public servers. I entered Towncraft because I am looking for a peaceful learning experience that is free from griefing, looting, bullying and the like (stuff my older kids play on). I was looking for something family friendly, based in vanilla minecraft, with the opportunity for mini-games (such as hunger games, spleef, organized PvP, etc)a community feel with co-op, market place and jobs. It seemed that Towncraft was what I was looking for (I did my homework and spent several days researching)

    My experience so far … Upon entering spawn, someone started hitting me with their sword until I typed in chat “excuse me?” When I finally entered the T4 portal and landed in what I assume to be the center of town, I was greeted with a bunch of signs that meant absolutely nothing to me. I had NO CLUE what I needed to do or where I needed to go. It was early in the morning (around 8 am est). I went looking for a place to build to no avail. I kept running into other claim owners even when I had located one block that had not been claimed. (nothing big enough to build on). This has been very frustrating as I still have no home, don’t know where to go to find a place to build or building to rent. I see things are for sale but don’t know anything about the monetary system, how to find a job, nothing.

    I guess this is a long way of asking about some sort of “Welcome to Towncraft” book that you get as part of the tool kit. (I’ve even gone through the 2 pieces of meet I received because I’ve gone through 2 or 3 nights and had to fight with mobs — even died) Personally, If I had some sort of guide to the town and how things worked and a map of where things were located (like stores, help areas, game areas, etc) I could manage to muddle through. I don’t even know how big of a claim I can start with.

    Sorry about the length. Just a very frustrating experience.

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    Hi Salem!

    I’m so sorry you ran into such difficulty here on TC! As a new player I got lost in our old lobby for 2 hours trying to figure out what to do, so I hope I can help you with your new player issues as much as possible 🙂

    In TC, and minecraft in general, many people will “hit” each other with items. While this can seem threatening, it is often a form of what I like to call “minecraft body language!” They were actually greeting you I believe. However, I will admit that I do find that form of communication a bit hard to comprehend myself, but I do believe they were being friendly 🙂

    The signs can be a little confusing at first, I recommend you first go to /warp rules, then upon exit go to /warp newplayers. That should cover a lot of the commands and server rules on tc! After that you can do /spawn and go up any of the ladders to see some signs for warps. If you right click them, they will take you to the designated warp. However, you can also type /warp (warp name) without the ()’s.

    We actually do have a welcome book, however, the hopper at spawn must have run out! I’ll look into setting up a chest that supplies every player with one as soon as I can 🙂

    As for making a home, my recommendation is to pick one of the 4 roads (north, south, east, or west) that originate at spawn. Then follow that road a decent way- I think the map is 2000 blocks wide, so maybe try 1000 blocks out. Then, turn either left or right and walk a bit until you find some open land. After that, you can make a claim using your gold shovel. Here is a link for our claiming tutorial: http://towncraft.us/grief-prevention/ If you are still having trouble after watching that I’m sure if you ask in chat someone would be happy to help 😀 Especially our staff members, who are in red, green, and rainbow (or switching colors) when you press the tab button 🙂

    For building materials we have a world that resets nightly called /warp mines, where you can mine, cut down trees, dig, etc… for any and all resources you may need!

    Hopefully This helps, if not feel free to contact me in game (I’m dsperman there too!) or any of our other wonderful staff who happen to be online! 🙂

    Have a great day,

    Dsperman | Admin | Staff Management

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    I was new to minecraft on PC when I found this server and I agree it is a bit confusing. Maybe we could come up with some type of “brand new” player area with easy to read signs and directions on where to go and how to get along.

    My first week I was living in a tree to avoid monsters and starving multiple times each day as I had no idea what warps are or how to claim land.

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    When I was a new player I was walking through towns with only the items you spawn with. I agree I did have a hard time then, but I’ve been playing TC for a year now and I’ve known most of the commands. But a new player wouldn’t know to go to /warp rules or any other warps. I would like to give a suggestion. There should be a sign in survival spawn listing all the helpful warps. That would probably help a lot of new players.
    Hope you like the idea.
    I could list some helpful warps. /warp new ( for land), /warp stalls ( to make money by getting a shop to sell items ) /warp tcwarps ( lists all the warps ).

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