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    From this thread: Skyblock Warp Question, it’s stated that you create a sign and put [WELCOME] at the top, and that creates the link for a warp. That thread was created in the Skyblock forum, however, so I wasn’t sure if those instructions applied to TC4 warp signs as well.

    If the above still applies and people would have to type /is warp Esch_ to get to my place, what would I have to do to create a name neutral warp, like /warp shop, /warp mall, those types of warps. Thanks!


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    /is warp is just on the /skyblock server. How you get a warp on /tc4 is by getting $50,000, having a spot to make the warp (Cant be close to other warps), and then talking to an admin to set your warp. You can check /warp warps to see other requirements for a warp.


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    Great, thanks!

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