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    I notice that lots of people like to RP but it also causes a lot of chatter; it can be worse than spam. Is it possible to create a RP world with closed chat? Perhaps a “creative mode” city with premade buildings that refreshes daily or weekly.

    Alternately, how about typing /rp to switch to a closed chat for role play?

    ...how can they know unless someone tells them.

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    O my goodness, I know what you mean. I’ve was thinking of having plot chat enabled maybe? I love that idea too however! =D

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    Huh. I’ve have that problem too. So much so that sometimes I have to click that button until it reads “Chat: Hidden”. xD I think that’s a great idea.

    Oh well, here we go again.

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    Totally! I myself am not a big RP fan and I was thinking about asking an admin to make a closed chat server for RPers who love to be chatty! I just get tired of the non relevant messages i always see rolling in… please make this better!

    If you want to say hi to me in-game, I'm usually on Saturday and Sunday!

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    Thanks for the idea guys. I, too, sometimes get tired of seeing all the rp chat. I will make a note of the suggestion and staff will discuss about the pros and cons of the idea 🙂

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    I’ll be honest here for a second. It took you guys that long to notice this idea? This post was posted on October 25, 2016. O_o

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    Alot staff have only just got an account and moderator access on the forums, Dowg, me included. That’s probably why this post didn’t get an answer sooner

    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... 😛 Have fun!

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    I love that idea too, but I think that maybe a staff should think about it, or monitor it. Because maybe some players could say something mean, or against the rules, but this is a great idea. 🙂

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