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    Building Rules.

    • Builds must be made out of at least 2 materials.
    • Dont make builds out of mostly cobblestone or dirt.
    • Small huts are allowed, they must follow the dirt and cobblestone rule though.
    • No nerd poles (Big random pillars in the sky).

    Landscape Rules.

    •  Make the land scape look as nice as possible.
    • If you need sand or dirt, try to make it look like it was made that way.
    • When chopping down trees, try to replant.

    Farming Rules

    • Only 4 types of each tamable animal
    • Only 8 types of each farm animal
    • Each type of crop can only be 9×9, which is the same as 80 pieces of crops with a water block in the middle.

    Extra Information.

    • There will be no drop parties, or give aways on /sk (Server Kolgrath).
    • There will be no bored items on /sk (Sever Kolgrath).
    • This server (/sk) is basically Kolgrath’s baby, please keep it nice looking.
    • Make sure all the stuff you build is claimed, if you don’t know how, ask staff.
    • If you trust someone, and they steal, the items will not be made up for.
    • Like other TC servers, all rules still apply.
    • In order to get a town, you need at least 3 people in it, when you have that much, create a /ticket.
    • As of now, there is no way to get money. You can trade items for items though with a trade sign.
    • Claims expire after 30 days
    • Must be a 30 block buffer between builds
    • No redstone clocks
    • No begging for supplies

    Side note: If I missed anything, please tell me, thanks.

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    Good summary! Just a few changes I can see:

    – Small huts are okay, they just need to follow the rule about dirt and cobblestone
    – There only needs to be a 3 block buffer, not 30, between builds.
    – Only 80 of each crop can be planted, which is the equivalent of a 9×9 (with water block in the middle)

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    Ok thanks, and I knew it was 3, I must of made a typo, thanks 🙂

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