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    How to get staff.

    Lots of players wonder how to get staff, so, to make it easier on everyone, I’m going to post a detailed guide that should be very easy to understand. But first, lets understand what all the staff ranks do. There is, Mod (Which you start with), Vanguard, Protector, Champion, and Admin (in that order).

    Ok, lets talk about how to get mod. One of the main (and most know rules) to get staff is NOT to ask for it. What this shows is that whoever is asking can be beggy and inpatient. Staff can’t have those traits, staff come across situations everyday that require a lot of patience, time, and effort. Some players might not be very happy, for example, they might be in jail. Sometimes the players might not talk, sometimes they might be muted, so you need to go through and cross those possibilities off your list, thats takes time, so, as you might of guessed, that requires patience.

    If you had none, you might just get upset and not complete what needs to be done fully, and, as staff, you need to complete everything fully. Ok, now, lets talk about matuirty. Like some servers, they hire staff by age, we go by how mature you are. This includes patince, remaing calm in unfimiler situations, handing fights, helping people, and being respectfull.

    One thing that could cause you not to get staff, even if you are matrue, is that if you are helping people you go up to staff and say “Hey, I just helped someone” or, “Hey, im helping someone, you can watch if you want”. Staff dont need you to tell them, they are very cabable of seeing whats going on for themself 🙂

    Since Mod and Vanguard ussaly only have powers to handle chat, and some other stuff, thats mostly the only stuff you can do. We like it when players let staff handle stuff like griefing, and theft as you cant handle that. What we do like though, is helping in chat, like answering questions, and helping people make trade signs and etc.

    Even if you do all these things in just 1 week, it wont get you staff, it can takes month. We want players who have well knowadlge of the server and have spent lots of time on it. You need to prove it to us by helping in chat and we need to see that you are on a lot. You just need to be patient and not ask.

    One of the big things is that you have to be nice. This is a huge part. Staff have to be rollmodles for the players, and we want players being nice. If your handling someone who did something wrong, being nice will help a lot.

    Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions.

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    So if I’m correctly reading this in order to obtain staff you must have these traits and have done these actions:

    Be kind and friendly to players and other staff.
    You must have at least played for a month on Towncraft.
    You must have a clean record within that year.
    Have helped other players in any number of situations.
    Have the ability to have patience even in the most frustrating of situations.

    One of them also was you must be mature. If you don’t mind me asking how exactly do you define whether someone is mature or not? A 10 year old may be very mature for his or her age, but that doesn’t exactly mean she or he is ready for staff. So how do you figure this out?

    Also you said that players may not ask about getting staff. I don’t believe this is very fair due to there not being a whole lot of information for players to work with. Even this post may not answer all of the common questions players may have. Shouldn’t players be able to ask specific and nonspecific questions for the time being?

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    One way We determine when a player might be mature enough is by how they might act in a certain situation, like if they get freaked out or can keep a cool head. Also That they wont act inappropriate sometimes.

    We don’t allow players to ask for staff because staff will ask players when staff feel they are ready, not the other way around. This can provide a clear guideline for players to follow when it comes to getting staff.


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    Hi, thanks for helping lilah, and this is addressed to Down. I did not mention anything about having to have a clean record for 1 year and be playing for one month at all, I said none of that. It is better to be on for a while though so we know that you know your way around the server.

    Now, to what you said about being mature. Usually staff talk it over if someone should get staff so we get different perspectives. Even if you are extremely mature, that does not mean you will get staff, for example, they might not be helpful, so they might not get staff. That is a major requirement to getting staff, but not all of it.

    Like I said, we don’t allowed people to ask for staff because its a sign of people being inpatient.

    I hope I cleared stuff up for you, thanks.

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    I think adding an age limit and having an application process would help speed up the process and get better results. Let me explain my reasoning for suggesting this idea. If an age limit was set to let’s say 15 or 16 and up that would already narrow your volunteers for the better. As we know a 15-16 year old is usually (Not always) more mature than a 9 year old. With the application process you could set requirements on it and get a basic idea of this player based on their application. I think we can agree this might be easier than monitoring the player in game 24/7. Now as we know there are many players on Towncraft’s staff team that are under the age of 15-16. So the age limit may not be the best idea when it comes down to numbers. I believe that even without the age limit an application process would be very helpful and effective when it comes down to recruiting staff. I think further more that it could replace how staff are picked for the better. Also please note that 15-16 was just a number I personally picked. It could be as low as 8 for all I know.
    Let me also say that the current process isn’t terrible in the slightest, but I know that we could improve it for the better and make it even more effective than ever. What do you think of this idea?

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    In my opinion, no age reuirement is needed. We have a lot of staff that are young and do just fine, even a admin and they are around there teenage years. I dont think we will ever really do applications and im not honestly sure why. Im commpletley just fine with the way we do it now though. The way we do it is very effective and works. Thanks for responding.

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    We use to have an application process but it ended up not working for the better, so it was removed. I don’t think it will be coming back any time soon.

    As for age limits, There are many staff that are young and do a wonderful job, as 2sky said. I don’t believe there is a need for a limit at the moment.

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    I understand you’re just fine with the way it is, but we can do better. This process would improve so much if properly utilized. Also based on my knowledge applications were once done and they worked very well. That is why I’m asking why they may not come back.

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    Yes, the applications were once done here. but they hadn’t worked very well, so they were removed.

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    I understand what your saying Dowg, a lot of players suggest the application process and age requirements. But considering that the way we get staff on towncraft is working perfectly well (we currently have 73 staff), I’m not sure how the application process can do much more than what our process is already doing, in applications yes it would state what they’re good at etc, but we would still need to watch them I’m game to see if their application is correct.
    It may also hurt peoples feeling if we “turn down an application” they would think that they aren’t good enough for staff/never will be. Where our current system there is no turning players down, its more just like they get chosen, if not they’re in the waiting/practising room.
    Age requirements wouldn’t work as there are so many young staff that are amazing that are any age from 10-adults, I myself am one of the young ones (I’m not saying I’m amazing ._.) and I’m one of the highest ranks, so an age requirement would probably achieve young players going “well you got staff! Your only 11!” Etc, and maturity isn’t always about age, there are some 10year olds that are more mature than adults.

    In no way am I trying to disagree with everything you say, I’m just trying to chuck in other reasons/opinions.

    -Nuwa 😀

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    Hope what I said helped! Or at least made you happy... 😛 Have fun!

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    I still think it should be considered. Before I end off however I want to ask a question on 2sky’s post.

    “Since Mod and Vanguard ussaly only have powers to handle chat, thats only what you can do. We like it when players let staff handle stuff like griefing, and theft as you cant handle that. What we do like though, is helping in chat, like answering questions, and helping people make trade signs and etc.”

    So if I understand correctly if I’m a mod or vanguard I’m not allowed to help players who have been griefed or robbed of their possessions. That’s a job for the staff above me to handle. Let me ask this though. If let’s say I’m the only staff on at the current moment and someone in chat says that they have been robbed. They then proceed to ask me for help because I’m a staff member. Well all I would be able to reply with is “Sorry bud I can’t help you with that. I can however help you with a trade sign! =D”. Don’t you see a problem with that? What it means is staff members of the rank mod or vanguard would not only be able to not help players, but they would be looked down upon for doing so.

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    I don’t think this is what 2sky meant, Mod and van do help with griefs but there main job is to help monitor the chat. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding about that.

    Hi! I'm lilahcatrose! I like cats and I am a staff on Towncraft: friends and adventure.

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    Whether this is meant or not you all do realize this really is the only up-to-date post on the forums that even gives information on how to obtain staff. If the app. system doesn’t fit your fancy could you guys at least make a pinned post about how to “apply” for staff and how to best obtain it. That is updated regularly and is easy to understand for even new players.

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      You are correct in that we once asked for applications, but that was put in place to get players to stop asking in-game for staff and give them a place to channel their interest.

      We’ve since just taken a harder line approach and asked players not to ask for a staff position as part of our rules.

      In truth, in the nearly 5 years of Towncraft’s existence, the players who asked to be staff and made it through the selection process did not work out in the long run. Players who ask to become staff generally want it for the wrong reasons. While this may seem like an unfair generality, that has been our experience.

      From the player perspective our system of “you don’t ask us, we’ll ask you” can be a bit frustrating for those who desire to join our staff. But this process has suited our staff team’s needs perfectly and that will continue to be our staff selection policy for the foreseeable future.

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    I see we have a difference in perspective. If I was running a server that would be the way I would do it, but seeing that I have little to no experience in even managing a server with as little as 5 players. I don’t believe it would be fair for me to act like I know how it’s done. What I will ask though is if there could be a separate pinned post that details exactly how the system works and what each rank does. As well as the jobs you would be expected to undertake when appointed to that position. I think that would not only help players understand better, but would lower the amount of times players ask staff how to get staff. I believe that we can agree that 2sky has given a basic outline of how to get staff and has done an amazing job in doing so. However, I think we can also further agree that there is information missing in the post and other small errors that may need corrected.

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      As far as I can tell, 2sky has given a substantial amount of information regarding how players can get staff. While there is more to it than what has been posted, it isn’t a good idea to provide too much information all at once, as when too much info is provided the reader may fall asleep or zone out as it just keeps coming. Having a separate post just for information regarding tasks would be nifty, it is impossible to tell how many current TC players would read it, as not many are active on the forums except when a problem arises or for a ban appeal.

      As for information about all staff ranks and their responsibilities/abilities, it could both make players try to get staff for the rank or just make some players think that it isn’t worth it. All that is really needed is the start point–the rest can be explained to the player once they are staff, if they happen to earn the rights to be promoted or if they wish to stay at the Vanguard or Moderator ranks with the promotion rights.

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