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    I’ve recently started a service called tc3 news, and I’m currently hiring reporters <3 Message me if you want to become part of our organization!

    Also, message me if you want to just visit the center. Visitors are welcome 😀

    Here at tc3 news, we interview crafters and collect stories that we announce in chat from time to time. We’re working on a newspaper but the amount of book and quills need for that is… well… a lot, so donations and more reporters are much needed. Thanks for your consideration! :3

    UPDATE: Thanks to ~AT5167 for donating $500. Thank you thank you thank you 😀 (I hope I wrote your name right).

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    UPDATE: We have a warp now! Do /warp news to visit the news center! Thanks to all of out donators that helped make this happen.

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    Are you planning to make a warp news station for /Dw or upcoming /tc5? I might like to interview warp owners.

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