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    So we finally got a music store up and running. My daughter and I would trap creepers, trap skeletons and get discs. We would get a couple every time we played. Eventually we built up an ender chest full of disc’s.

    At this point I contacted the admins, got instructions on how to open a shop in the town plaza and we opened our first shop. We picked to sell music disc’s because the admin shop did not carry them and nobody else was selling them. often times in auction they would go for over 1000$. It seemed like a good idea to provide a product that nobody else was interested in working for.

    So we got up and running. I had no idea on how to price these discs. So I knew they were selling for around 1000$ in auctions. So If I had 1 disc, I put a cost of 2k knowing that nobody would buy it just to sell in auction.

    If we had 2 copies of a disc we sold it for 1k.
    3 disc would be 500 , 4 250 etc. basically cutting the price in half each time we had multiple discs. Eventually we set the base price for common discs at $150.

    We would also buy the same discs for about half what we sell them for.

    We had a good time, people were buying and selling that first week. We were adjusting our prices to fit the market. We would play music and people would stop by for dance parties.

    <iframe width=”480″ height=”378″ src=”http://plays.tv/embeds/56fdd2587aca02740f?_t=eyJ0eXBlIjoiZnJvbSIsImxvZ2luX2lkIjoiYzc3ZWEzZDhhNDQ2MTE2ZDJhNDExNGYwYjNmZjMyNDkiLCJjb2hvcnRfaWQiOiJjMWNlYzAwYjUxMWZhMzg4NGFjMzA5OWNkMzAwOWFlOSIsImxvY2F0aW9uIjoiU2hhcmVWaWRlb01vZC5TaGFyZVZpZGVvTW9kLmVtYmVkLmlmcmFtZSIsImxpbmtfaWQiOiJzaGFyZV9tZW51IiwiZXZlbnRfaWQiOiIiLCJnYW1lX2lkIjoiYTc4YTYxM2I0NjAxNjI1ZWMzMzE0ODE4Y2FjODdiZTUiLCJmZWVkX3R5cGUiOiJyZXBsYXkiLCJmZWVkX2lkIjoiNTZmZGQyNTg3YWNhMDI3NDBmIiwiY2xpY2tlZF90eXBlIjoic2hhcmVfZW1iZWQiLCJjbGlja2VkX2lkIjoiZW1iZWRfdmlkZW8ifQ%3D%3D” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


    For us, it was a really fun time, My daughter was learning some simple market economics about price and demand and how to run a little business even if it was fake. She had put in a lot of time getting discs, plotting and running it.

    And then the bottom fell out.. We logged in today and noticed really poor sales. My daughter was the first to see it. The Admin shop had just opened a new wing in the basement. All music discs $100.

    It broke her heart and mine in a way. It sort of felt like Walmart swooping in to crush the little mom and pop shop.

    So we have been put out of business, because its not worth all the effort if the admins can just click to add and set any price they want and undercut the player stores.They also have unlimited supply and dont have work for it like the players do.

    I noticed this in other stores, they also seem to open and flourish until the admins decide to sell the same product at a lower price. There seems to be a real lack of stores in TC4 and I think its related to the Admin shops over reaching.

    I certainly think the admin shop should sell food, seeds and even live stock so that players can get up and running and avoid starvation.

    They should also sell unusually hard to obtain items (nether, end items) etc but I dont think they should sell common items at such a bulk rate discount if you want the players to be more involved in running little stores.

    I would much rather see the Admin shop sell just the base ingredients and allow the players to buy those items and make a product.

    For example the Admin shop sells red roses, red dye, red wool, red clay. there is nothing left for the players to do with that. If they just sold red roses or red dye, other players could then pick up that, mixed with other stores wool and have a small little working economy.

    Instead it feels like TC4 is just like Creative except with a few dollars holding you back form building what you want.

    So my suggestion is this, Back off the items the admin shop sells so that players can be more involved in the economy. Even a worst case scenario where one player finds a rare item that is hard to get and sets a 50$ price on it, will eventually come down once another player starts to sell it.

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    Thank you for this perspective. I will take this back to staff and discuss it!

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