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    I’m Hannah – Flowery_Bunny in-game.
    I had recently been muted , and i cannot do a ban request due to personal information in my email. I was having a bad day that day , and i guess i just got mad.

    I promise i will be respectful and mindful about what i type into the chat.

    Flowery_Bunny in game
    (Formerly Hannah5121)

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    Hello, thank you for posting on the TC forum!

    I can easily assure you that when doing a “Ban Appeal” it does not show any personal information. In fact all it is asking for is your email so staff may contact you when they get to reading it. When you put your email address in nobody can see anything in your email. All that it does as I said is give staff a way to contact you. In other words it is completely anonymous and no one can see anything that you don’t want strangers seeing.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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    Yes, the email is only there for the staff of TC to contact the player directly about the issue. We do not show it here. Safety for our players is our number 1 priority. 😀

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    I want to add that any e-mail addresses provided during the ban appeal process are NOT archived. It’s used to reply to your appeal and then discarded. We do not store your e-mail addresses on Towncraft’s servers.

    We value your privacy.

    Kolgrath | Owner | Towncraft Family Friendly Minecraft Server

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