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    Sorry, asking two questions, but I keep asking on chat and nobody answers me.

    I notice there are wolves everywhere on people’s lands. Some own dozens of wolves, parrots, and horses, but I can’t find any such animal in the wilds to tame. I wanted a parrot, so I explored the jungle biome for two hours, nothing. Are they all taken by players? I don’t see any way to buy a pet either.

    Can we make heads on Towncraft server? If so, is there a guide I can read or video to do it on my own?

    I’m used to playing on a single player mode, so this is all new to me.

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    The most common places to find wolves are the Taiga biomes. There may be a mob limit, however I am not entirely sure by this. Try asking an admin if this is true by using /msg (player) ingame. Admin’s names are usually highlighted with Red, Green, and Rainbow in tab. Now I understand you don’t want to buy a pet, but many a time this can be a wise option. Not only do you save quite a bit of time, but from my experiences you can find them for a good price.

    Unless there is a plugin you can not craft heads as to my knowledge. Wither skeleton heads may however be obtained in the nether, however there is a very rare chance of getting them. I also know that in tc4 specifically admins have given out player heads before. There is a head shop which you may go to via /warp head. The heads there change weekly and usually there is a shopkeeper working the stand. If not then ask an admin for support ingame.

    I hope this helped! 🙂

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    Read what TheManWithTheOversizedMustache said, that almost explains it all, just got one thing to add.
    Most animals in TC4 main map will of been tamed already.
    However, in TC4 you can type /warp mines and go to a new mine map, its the map used to gather resources you can then take back to your /home. (BTW FYI Don’t build in /warp mines. It gets reset daily) You can tame animals there and take them back to /home I think.
    Hope that helped 😀

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    The Taiga is it? I explore a lot and been only to the jungle and ice spike plains as far “exotic-looking” is concerned. I will explore to find the taiga. I haven’t run across deserts either. The world seems small as I hit the edge a lot. But there is a taiga biome for sure on TC4? And a desert, too? Out of curiosity, does TC4 spawn villages?

    Wow, this information you gave me is a big help, especially the head and commands. Thanks so much. Playing on a public server is foreign to me; I’m just learning about the limitations, etc, but I enjoy the feeling that I’m not completely alone in a world. So far, I really enjoy TC4.

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    Excellent information, Nuwa. Thank you again. I am so hesitant to try other things other than what I’m used to, in case I mess up gameplay for other players, like in the unfamiliar gamemode called Bedwars. :p I will try the mines.


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    Bedwars is easy to figure out once you know the basics! If you want to know how to play it just ask! 🙂

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