The master of red stone

Mystical_Mayhem, the master of red stone , invited me to have a look at his latest work at his house. He have made a self sorting system by using red stone, so that he does not have to run around and put everythig from his inventory into the right chests. He just plce it in a hopper and his system automatically place it in the right chest. It is so Amazing. I’m so thinking of letting him work out a system to sort through all my clothes, shoes and my inventory. That is a win, win & win situation (for me)! No but for real, I tooked some pics for you to see. This is the guy to go to if you need any help in this area.


Storage. All these chests are connected to the system.


More storage. You cann hint the machinery behind them.


Master red stone action


Mystical_Mayhem himself



He’s also got a huge sliding door which is powered by red stone.


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