MobArena is Back!

Mob Arena Action with Zombies Slimes and Skeletons

Now you can type /MobArena, /Mob, or /MA on Towncraft to join an intense experience of Minecraft mob-crushing fun!

Bring your friends as you face off in one of our many arenas in a test of ultimate Mob combat.

You can choose one of the following classes:

  • Knight – Mount a noble steed in diamond armor and cut down your foes!
  • Archer – Take cover and fire on your enemies from afar!
  • Healer – Keep your friends and yourself alive with an arsenal of healing splash potions!
  • Chemist – Keep yourself alive and melt your foes with a collection of life giving potions and harmful splash potions!
  • Warrior – Armed with a powerful axe, sword, and shield, the warrior cuts down his enemies with ruthless abandon.
  • Beast Master – Bring 4 loyal furry companions into the fray with you to bite your enemies and bring them to heel.

For a limited time you can build your own arena on /Event and it might be used as an actual arena in /MobArena!

See you on the battlefield, friends!




Hello, I'm Kolgrath and I own and operate the Towncraft Minecraft Server. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 (Around July 2012) and have been in love with it since! I am really enjoying all the cool stuff going on at Towncraft and that is the ONLY place I play! I have my own YouTube channel, and my channel name is Kolgrath. Also, be sure to follow @Kolgrath on Twitter! I post all kinds of updates and funny Minecraft stuff on there... and sometimes I post giveaways!

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