Moderator Application

We’re currently seeking Moderators who play between 2AM and 6AM Eastern Time Zone. (6AM-10AM GMT)
If you do not play during those times on a regular basis, do not apply.  If Your account is shared, we are also not able to extend the offer of Mod.  You must be in control of your account at all times!

If you play during the times we’re looking for then please apply below.

What is your in-game name?

What is your e-mail?
(We use e-mail to follow up on your application.)

Do you regularly play anytime between:
6AM-10AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
2AM-6AM Eastern Time Zone
1AM-5AM Central Time Zone
12AM-4AM Mountain Time Zone
11PM - 3AM Pacific Time Zone

Are you a staff member or moderator on any other server?

Why do you want to be a Moderator?

What would make you a good Moderator?

How long have you played on Towncraft?

Name 3 players that would say good things about you.

Have you ever been banned or kicked from Towncraft?

If you answered yes, why were you banned or kicked?

Do you agree to keep all staff communications completely private?
(In other words, you won't tell anyone staff secrets.)