MoJang Name Changes and what it Means for you

Hey All, At this time, If you change your Name with Mojang, Several, if not all of the plugins that we use to make your experience on Towncraft fun, store your data based on your Current Name!

So if you Change it, Please be advised you may lose all your things (Claims, Balance, MCMMO, Permissions, Horses, ETC) We are working to update plugins but not all plugins support the new GUID identification that Mojang Started.

Please Keep this in mind before you commit to a new Username!

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4 Responses

  1. Juggler says:

    Thanks for warning me, as I was going to do a name change. Luckily I spotted this before I did it.

  2. Joseph160302 says:

    hi i havent been on in a while i was just getting my computer fixed :\

  3. wickedquick says:

    hey thx for leting me know

  4. Redneck841 says:

    Wait is this still true or fixed?

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