October and Towncraft “Survivor”

As Towncraft Gears up for Halloween, you will notice a few fun things take place.

Some shops at spawn will take on a Halloween look and feel

You may See a Broadcast that says “Spawn needs Help”  If you come to spawn at that time, you will see it’s been overrun with zombies and giants and creepers and witchs Oh my!  If you stay till the end and help save Spawn, You Will get  “Survivor” Tokens.  *More about those in a moment*  and You might be a random winner of a prize.  The prize can be anything.  Kolbucks/Free week of VIP/op item..

Halloween maze.  We are getting this all setup again hopefully it will be as fun as last year!


Survivor Tokens:

you will get these at the end of a mini event on at random times on the server, Helping to save spawn!

At the end of the month Tally up your tokens.

100 Tokens: 100 Kolbucks

500 Tokens: Survivor Sword.  All Natural enchants Diamond

500 Tokens: Survivors Axe.  All Natural enchants Diamond

1250 Tokens: Full set of Diamond Armor all “god enchanted” all natural level max enchant.

10,000 Tokens:  VIP for 1 month

25000 Tokens: you can Create a /warp

Thank you All for Making Towncraft a Fun and great time!

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15 Responses

  1. Juggler1000 says:

    I’ve only been to two so far, but they’re really fun! The only thing I seem to notice is that I only have gotten like 20 survivor tokens so far. I feel like the reward system maybe needs to be reworked because some people are getting way more than others. Anyways, be sure to be on when one of these happen! Thanks for making this

  2. kodykraft says:

    Hey if anyone has surivor tokens do /mailsend kodykraft_ i have surivor tokens (price amount) . MY MAX BUY IS 150$ FOR 100 IF U WANT YO SELL SURIVOR TOKENS FOR A TOWN DO /mailsend kodykraft_ i want to sell surivor tokens or of u see im online msg me i will be happy to trade i even got a enderman spawn egg I THINK ITS THE LAST ONE IN TC

  3. RainbowGuppy says:

    What will happen to the tokens once the event is over? Will they revert to normal diamonds? Will they stay they same? Can we use them for a future event?

  4. Tari says:

    I noticed that we were getting “Pumpkin Gummies.” What are those???

  5. gladwere27 says:

    How do we cash them in? I went to spawn today, but couldn’t figure out how to cash them in.

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