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Fort Defense Event Tonight 8pm Eastern!

Tonight we’ll be defending Towncraft against waves of relentless monsters! Do you have what it takes to defend Towncraft? See you there! (If you need help converting 8pm Eastern to your local time zone,...

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I had the best day ever! It started as an ordinary day, I was doing some farmwork, gathering some sheep (why do they keep escaping their pen?), re stocking a few of my stores, chatting to...

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Hello, I Am Lilla H

Hello everyone!! My name is Lilla H! I think most of you recognize me by now! I live here in Towncraft and guess what? From now on you will get almost daily updates from...

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Thank You, Staff

Whenever I log on to Towncraft some players who haven’t seen me on before will thank me for creating Towncraft. It warms my heart to hear that something I created as a chance to...

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New Rank: Moderator

Yesterday on Towncraft I announced our newest rank: Moderator. This rank is the stepping stone between player and becoming staff. Moderators are here to help you, as well as work to keep chat safe...

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Tent of Telepathy

__Minecraftman built a Tent of Telepathy on the TC4 server! To ask about the show, /msg __minecraftman! He even showed me around back-stage. Here are some photos of the inside of the Tent!

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Head Shop Upgrade!

Drumbwoy and other members of our Towncraft staff team have upgraded the head shop! In /tc4, the head shop near /spawn has become one of the most popular attractions. Now, it’s even better, featuring...