Towncraft: Friends and Adventure Your Favorite Family Friendly Minecraft Server

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Creative Stroll

I was walking around creative, well flying actually being my normally kitty catish, self and stumbled across this, It is made by the player Penguin_41. It is so cool, to see players appreciate the...

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Keep Welcoming Our New Players!

You may have noticed we’ve been getting even more players online Towncraft Family Friendly Minecraft server lately! We advertise in many places, but the best advertising of all? You! When you tell your friends...

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A New Look at Several Warps

I recently took a look at several new warps around Towncraft: /warp modern, /warp camelia, /warp camper, /warp Hogwarts, and the hopefully warp-to-be /warp community and /warp skybuilders. Here are some photos of what...