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Towncraft Updating to 1.7.9 [COMPLETE!] 0

Towncraft Updating to 1.7.9 [COMPLETE!]

Towncraft is down this morning as we update to the latest version of Minecraft. This is going to take a little while this morning as it is converting old data files to new formats....

Kolgrath’s Playground: Not on the whitelist? WHAT??????!?? 3

Kolgrath’s Playground: Not on the whitelist? WHAT??????!??

Hey gang, I just tried to log into the playground and it told me I wasn’t on the whitelist. The server has my NAME IN IT and I can’t even get into my own...

Mojang Issues 0

Mojang Issues

There are currently some issues with MoJang that are causing players to not be able to log in at this time. Login Services are back down for over 2 hours   Please see

Pardon Our Dust 1

Pardon Our Dust

The Towncraft website is undergoing a complete revamp. More news, more resources, more… stuff? Anyways, it’s going to look a little disarrayed this weekend but everything should be in order soon! Stay Tuned!

Help! I can’t lock my door! 3

Help! I can’t lock my door!

As of right this moment, the config for locking doors needs to be set. However, as long as your chests, furnaces, and other containers are in CLAIMED LAND, you cannot be stolen from. Chests...

Server is back up! 0

Server is back up!

If PLAY.TOWNCRAFT.US is still showing OFFLINE for you, it’s because your Internet Service Provider hasn’t updated with the new IP on the DNS side of things. Blah blah blah… In the meantime you can...

Maintenance Extended Until… 3

Maintenance Extended Until…

Okay I’m just going to level with you guys. I’m really terrible at this time estimating thing. Files are flying, but it’s still going to be a while. Fingers crossed it will be all...

Spleef Tournament This Saturday! 1

Spleef Tournament This Saturday!

Zaxxell3034 has organized a Spleef Tournament on Play.Towncraft.US! Have you signed up yet? Send Zaxxell3034 an in-game mail! He will be putting up the brackets up that morning so the sooner you sign up...