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Weekly Build Competitions 0

Weekly Build Competitions

  LAST WEEK’S WINNER WintyDM_WhoOwl, Luca_Doyle_89, 1derful_Luna, RainbowGod_ (The Build is the Giant floating house on the lobby) New thing, this is week 3 in April, and just now getting to telling people about...

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Skyblock? What’s that?

What is this article about? Hello everyone! It’s Supermudmatthew here! I just wanted to talk about what Skyblock is. I’ve seen some players questioning it. “What is it?” “How does it work?” “What’s the...

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Skyblock is down for Maintenance!

Fear must not! Skyblock is not going anywhere anytime soon. Our Administrators are working hard and extra hours to fix some issues we have with Skyblock. We’ll keep you posted when Skyblock is up...