Player Guide

Here is a handy player guide that walks you through the most important parts of life on Towncraft. Refer back to this guide often when you need help!

How To Claim Land And Protect It From Theft and Grief

How To Find Diamonds on Towncraft

Using /report to open a trouble ticket

Plugins On Towncraft:


From time to time you may feel “an evil presence.” This means you’re near a Boss mob! These mobs will be surrounded by miniature flickering flames and killing them will yield bonus experience and loot!


By naming a horse, donkey, or mule with a name tag you will claim ownership of that animal. Claimed horses will be protected from damage by players as well as theft. When you claim a horse it will “disappear” into your virtual stable, allowing you to summon your horse anytime, anywhere!


Each evening there is a change that the undead will stir because of our presence on this new world. When this happens you may find yourself surrounded by more Zombies than you can count. Be smart, be prepared, and stick by your neighbors! Remember: Strength in numbers!

If the citizens are successful in turning back the Zombie onslaught, you may be rewarded with diamonds or epic enchanted armor!


mcMMO is what drives all of our skills on Towncraft. As you improve your skills such as Fishing, Mining, Swords, Archery and others, you will unlock new powers and abilities to help you survive during your Towncraft adventure. The more you invest in your skills the greater the rewards you will reap!


While the option to enchant your items on an Enchanting Table will always be available to you, EnchantPlus takes enchanting to the next level.

By using the /ep enchant command you are able to add specific enchantments to your items at the level you specify. The cost of enchantments done this way is 11 levels of XP per level of enchantment.

So for example, if you wanted Sharpness 5 on your sword, you would hold it in your hand and type:

/ep enchant sharpness 5

You would then be charged 55 levels of XP to apply that enchantment.

You can also disenchant items and receive 2 levels of XP for every level you disenchant.

For example, if you have an item with Fire Aspect II, and you want to get rid of that enchant and collect the XP Levels, hold the item in your hand and type:

/ep enchant fire 0

The item will lose the enchantment and you will receive 4 levels of XP.

Another way to completely disenchant an item and receive all the levels of XP is:

/ep disenchant

You can also see what enchantments are available with /ep list.

You can see what enchantments would be applicable to the item in your hand with /ep applicable.

You can learn more about what the enchantments do with /ep info.

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