Keep Silvernail7 Alive!!

Hey Guys Silvernail7 here this morning a couple ppeople had nothing to do and zachtdm needed some people in MA with him so i decided to host  a Keep silvernail7 alive game in ma! After that we had a bunch of people join and we made it to round 42!! Well at least i did because i had all these awesome players protect me! Eventually when everyone but me died I was alone o_o so what happened was i got blasted up on top of the wall of ma where nothing (but spiders and blazes) could touch me! so i was just standing up there waitin until i got kidna bored so what happened was a i held a vote suicide run or keep going and what happened was people wanted to watch and MA suicide run…. so i jumped and ran and actually survived 3 mins without dying. after that we had a DP at spawn and i gave out 3 coupons for KolBucks cafe. I made it to round 42 with all these awesome players have any of you made higher? try sharing below the highest wave you’ve gotten with how many players who knows you may get popular o.o.


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8 Responses

  1. avm321 says:

    LOL Silver that was so fun! You should have seen me in my room when you did the suicide run! I was sitting there say “GOOOOOOO!” and I couldn’t believe how long you survived just running around! It was crazy!

  2. lilykitty90 says:

    Lol I’m pretty bad ma. Think I survived to 15 one time with my friend PixePanda.

  3. ZachTDM says:

    That was a great fight

  4. Juggler1000 says:

    I got to wave 32 with 309 kills by myself.

  5. Dirpytheswag says:

    only round 13 🙁

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