Skyblock Trading – Not just for Villagers!

Hello, RightyBird here.  As you probably know, we have been busy trying to give you guys the best Sky Blocky experience you can get in TownCraft over at server /skyblock.  You guys asked for /island coop – and you got it!  (and a bit more when we broke /sell hand in the process of giving it to you. 🙂  Well we have really put our LabRats to hard work this week as we have something I think you will find particularly fun in store!  Starting today – you can now be in direct competition with the Villagers and make your own trade signs!  It’s pretty simple to make one, so let’s walk through the process.

Let’s say you have a stack of potatoes, and you wish to sell 16 of them for an iron bar. Simple!

1. Go get whatever you want to trade. (in this case potatoes)  You won’t be able to make a working trade sign without the stuff in your inventory.

2. Place down the sign where you want it.  A good example would be next to the ‘[welcome]’ sign so you make an island warp shop!

3. On the first line of the sign – type “[trade]”  – that’s it.  Nothing else on line 1.

4. On the second line of the sign – type what you want to get.  Let’s say it’s 1 iron bar.  It would look like “1 ironbar

5. On the third line of the sign  – type what you are trading, and how many you have to trade – separated by a colon. (:)  We want to trade 16 potatoes for 1 iron bar.  We also have a stack of potatoes to trade with.  So that line would look like “16 potato: 64“.  That colon is very important!  Don’t forget it.

Our completed sign would look like:

1 ironbar
16 potato: 64

6. Go ahead and hit the ‘okay’ button to accept the sign as is.  There is nothing you put on the 4th line.

If you did everything right – your first line of the sign will be ‘[TRADE]’ in blue.  If something was wrong – it will show up in red, and your message area will say what happened wrong.


So – go out there and try to undermine the Villagers trading!  But – still be nice to them.  They can get a little ‘hmm’ish. 😀

For those that would like a visual walk-through – Kolgrath did a quick tutorial some time ago – it’s for old TC1.5, but is still valid for /skyblock:

But wait! theres more!  We also gave you BUY and SELL signs if you don’t wanna trade!

One more thing.  Just like pretty colors on signs?  Fine – that’s a thing now too.  Feel free to use color codes on signs in Towncraft.  🙂

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  1. Adraeus says:

    Beat the Villagers at Trading?!?

    *Challenge Accepted*

    =_= Game on Villagers!

  2. Nuwa says:

    Yay! Thank you for adding trade signs… Already started my shop lol 😛
    And yep, I also accept that challenge 😛

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