SkyBlock Updates!

Hello gang,  RightyBird here.  So what’s all the buzz this week?  Well we brought Skyblock back up some time ago and we have been tweaking the settings to make it even more enjoyable for your crazy contraptions you build to automate you skyblock island to perfection!  and it’s better then ever!  Let’s go over some of the fun changes.

  • More things in /sell hand work now!  Give it a shot and profit!
  • We have adjusted the idle time to 15 minutes.
  • Magical Cobblestone Generator?!?  Cool!  Higher the level of your island, the better it gets!

We are looking for what else would be fun in skyblock.

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  1. miam0r says:

    I’d love to open a shop in Skyblock like we used to!

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