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Hi Guys,

I wanted to post something about the long awaited survival map built of the Minecraft 1.8 release.

We are currently hard at work looking at seed candidates (for those that don’t know,  the map that is generated from a ‘seed’ number. It determines what biomes are in which positions). We have narrowed it down to a few but we need to look carefully to make sure it has as many biomes within a certain area so you can all see 1.8 in its glory.

With a seed finally decided we have to set out areas for spawn and other land required for future growth. Some of you may remember the issues we faced with TC2 as the population grew over time. This step will include creating some spawn buildings and clear land markings so that players can easily identify where they can go to start their survival adventure. New player information centres need to be setup so all new arrivals to TC3 go through a quick reminder about what is required, and expected, by everyone in the extended Towncraft Family.

While this is being done we have to load up all the plugins required to give you the experience that you have been accustomed to on TC2. This is also up for review because of the hard work we have recently done with the main Lobby and separating the games into their own dedicated server. TC3’s performance should be vastly improved if we can get this step right and test everything along the way.

There is a good chance that we may open a test map from time to time just so we can perform load testing of plugins. These tests will be done on test maps and NOT the map we actually chose for TC3. Testing is a vital part of this process because we want to end up with a rock solid server that won’t suffer the issues we occasionally had with TC2. With your help we will be able to get this done correctly and we will all benefit in the long run.

Then there is the issue of players that have been with us for a long time and how do we ‘help’ them in the new world. Please remember that TC2 WILL NOT be closing down anytime soon. As long as players want to be in TC2 we will keep it running, even if that is weeks, months or many months from now. We have received loads of feedback on this matter and the general feeling is that TC3 should be a fresh start for all that wish to be a part of it. To seasoned Minecrafters this will not be such an issue because it is something that we do regularly ( I often start a single player map on hardcore just so I get that excitement of starting over).

We want to keep everyone happy about the new Survival map and that means listening to the majority of players. We are also working on a cross server reward system that could, for example, give you tokens from a game on Games Island that you could redeem in TC3 for diamond armor or even buy an extra plot in Creative. This is in development and while I cannot promise that it will work as described, I will assure you that we are giving it lots of thought.

Please do not get caught up in a rumor or a players motive to spread misinformation about what is or is not going to happen. There have been a few players that have tried to coerce the general player population into thinking that something is going to happen however unless it is specifically said by an Administrators it is probably not correct.

As you can see there is much to do and the pressure on our shoulders to get it right is immense… however I think we have done really well this last week or so and I am sure that in a few months we will all think back to Xmas 2014 and wonder what all the fuss was about.

As a reward for your patience we would like to give you something sooner rather than later and to that point ScriptJunkie and I hope to present something this week.

Please watch the website for more announcements



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20 Responses

  1. sammykat says:

    Could we perhaps do a poll to see how many players would like a “fresh start” apposed to those that would like to carry there stock pile over to the new map?
    Like our little group, that have been saving many resources to take with us for a new build 🙁
    Unless it is a lot easier not to, then who am I to stand in the way of Towncraft’s progression 🙂

    • T0RRENZ says:

      Hi Sammykat,
      We did conduct a poll some time ago and the result was pretty definitive in favor of a fresh start. However it was also apparent that some double voting had occurred on both sides so it was hard to say exactly what the result was, but still about 8 out of 10 voted to start fresh.

      Secondly, yes it is very difficult to manage an item transfer and there are so many ways an unscrupulous player could abuse the system.This does not mean that we are dumping the idea all together, however we have to be 100% sure that nothing can go wrong before allowing such a feature. There are many things to consider if we take this path.
      Remember, the less complication we have in setting up the server the quicker we can bring it online.



      • Esch_ says:

        Question… If item transfers don’t happen and we start fresh, how will this work when bouncing back and forth between TC2 and TC3? Will our inventory just change to reflect that particular server?

        • T0RRENZ says:

          By default that is exactly what will happen.
          Just like how you can have items from mobs you kill on GamesIsland but when you return to TC2 you have a different set of inventory.
          Think of it like different servers all under a Towncraft umbrella (the lobby)

          • Esch_ says:

            Ok cool. What about the number of blocks we’ve earned to claim land? Will that also reset to zero for the new server? I’ve been stockpiling my extra blocks so I can claim my land when the new server opens, hopefully that too doesn’t start from scratch. :/

      • sammykat says:

        Yep, I completely understand 🙂
        We will just build something amazing in TC2 and start something amazing and new in TC3 🙂
        Thanks so much for all the replies and information 🙂

        • T0RRENZ says:

          Thanks Sammykat,
          Sounds like a great plan. I to have built many things in TC2 and will happily do it all again in TC3 because I love to build.
          Spawn, The Marina, Towncraft Country Golf Club, SkyLands just to name a few are all builds that I put a heap of time into. I am looking forward to a new world were we can start over with new inspirations and ideas 🙂

  2. nekobaby says:

    How would the whole claim thing work on the new world? Do we go in with the same amount of land earned in TC2? Or would this be a fresh start as well?

  3. Electricfior180 says:

    You guys have done AMAZING work! Love the new towncraft! More games, Less lag, and more fun!
    But I do have a question, What happens if something goes wrong and TC2 will be deleted? Will you guys do a back-up to get TC2 back on track?

    Thanks and all the <3.


  4. Phyre_Girl says:

    I have a few questions:

    1. Will there be like a spawn area on TC3?
    2. Is there a way to make those trampoline thingys? They are SOO fun! 🙂
    3. Are there going to be plenty of 1.8 biomes?

  5. gjjudd says:

    Yesterday i was on Towncraft and i could not spawn my horse could you please find the problem?

  6. Loch says:

    Will our horse stables be on TC3?

  7. gjjudd says:

    about 1 month ago I did /h s and my horse DID NOT SPAWN! could you try to fix that?


  8. jondogy says:

    are there still going to be towns in it and can we build the spawn

  9. stainlessoul says:

    When will VIP privileges be enabled on the TC3 server. I just subscribed and it did nothing?

  10. TylertheEcxan says:

    I play thes serverhi

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