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WintyDM_WhoOwl, Luca_Doyle_89, 1derful_Luna, RainbowGod_ (The Build is the Giant floating house on the lobby)

New thing, this is week 3 in April, and just now getting to telling people about it, but we will always try to keep the info at the Creative spawn, up-to-date.

The Creative competition starts as soon as the one from the past week is judged. Now, believe it or not, but we are partially human, so we don’t always get to it on time, but I do try my best to.  I try to judge the competitions on the Sunday around 8pm EST.

I personally love building competitions, they are so much fun!

What is the Prize?  (Everyone loves a good incentive)

The prize is your build featured on lobby that week, Now we ask you to please Not build the size of your plot, because then it cannot be displayed in lobby, due to the stuff that is already there. Then we have to put it in a weird place. Like last weeks, when WintyMD_WhoOwl , won last week, and their house was too big, so it was put on top of the trees. Now there is /fly in the lobby for everybody.

What do I do if I’m done my Build?

You use the ticket system and you would enter the command, Stand at your plot and type /ticket [Theme of This Weeks] [Who Helped you] [Do you want building tips?] [Other information] now, you do not enter the brackets, so if I were to type this in game a person would type /ticket Landscape No one helped, Yes, I want building tips I really love this house, I built it, and I haven’t touched it in a year xD

Can I get feedback on my build?

Yes, you can get feedback on your build, but you have to state it in your ticket, otherwise we are going to assume that you donot want it, we would leave a written book on your plot.


-Depending on the theme, it is expected that you will have multiple blocks in the build and you can tell what your building

-It should be your own creation, or a variation of another persons, copying is not fun and not cool either

-Please include everyone that helped, Don’t leave people out if they helped

-Try to add custom terrain around what your building, it always makes it look so much better!

-Try adding detail to your build, but don’t go over board

-You can do pixel art, it is not recommended, but It’s really better to build in 3-D

-If you have access to a search engine, look up a picture reference

I Build a house, which is something of sorts you can expect, but I’m no expert, it is just an example of something along the lines of what we are looking for, in a theme, of course themes are going to vary. Like the cats, that were built the week before they were amazing!

2017-04-14_08.37.57That way, we can check and see who’s entered! It is so important for people to know what’s going on, we love Building so very much. <3

THE ONLY RULE!!! (Aside from the normal Creative rules)


There are no other rules, than the ones on the creative server. We are always open to suggestions for the themes, it would be really helpful. Also if you have any questions feel free to say so! You can always ask me in game too 00meow9 .

This Week’s Theme is like various different Landscapes (You can just call it landscapes)!

We hope to see everyone participating!!! 😀



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