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Towncraft has been around for over 7 years now. What started off as a small community minecraft server has developed into something we couldn't even imagine.


The Towncraft staff team are friendly, dedicated, and always online to help everything run smoothly. Have any questions? Make sure to do /tc staff ingame to reach out!


We have Survival, Creative, Towny, SkyBlock and many others on our network, all with fully custom builds and useful perks and features. Join in the fun today!


20200725 - SkyR gets another update!

Please note the following changes on SkyR:
- Added the ability to use /rdtoggle. This will disable drops until you toggle it back on.
- Added a message showing what block was receieved that should show just above the enchanting levels.
- Patched the blacklist to remove unwanted blocks from being handed out (command blocks, etc).
- We have also disabled fly and teleportation while falling. This should help make this a bit more challenging!
- 20200726 - Books now drop with a random enchantment and level! Potions coming soon with random effects!

20200725 - TCR Map Avilable (again!)

After some movement with servers and configuration we have finally got the map up and live again. Sorry for the downtime on it! Please make note of the island world and which island you want to purchase and contact staff. They will help assign it to you and secure it for you. All prices are listed as ForSale-PRICE. Please note any island without a price is not yet for sale.

Click here to open the map

20200720 - SkyR gets an update!

As we finish some updates to the 1.16 migration we have also added some cool things to SkyR! You can now use command /ccg to get access to custom ore generator. Buy upgrades and get better loot from your cobble gen like iron, diamond and other useful materials. To upgrade your generator you use enchanting levels at first to buy basic. Other tiers require in game money which is also obtained from upgrading the generator. Upgrade yours to max today and reap the rewards!

20200710 - TCR update to 1.16!

Thank you to all for your patience as we converted the entire world over to 1.16. This was a long 15 hour process and testing. With your patience our staff was able to get it done as fast as possible! Thanks to all who helped and hope everyone enjoys the exciting Nether update in 1.16!

We also updated Hardcore and SkyBlock Randomized to 1.16! Both of these servers were reset in order to utilize the new biomes & blocks more efficiently. Hope everyone enjoys this new update and see you on the server!


Towncraft Survival Server


Survival is a gamemode where you start in a world with only your wits. Join others or go solo and survive the dangers lurking in every direction! Land claiming tools help players keep safe and protected from griefers far and near! Complete with full economy and jobs system to make money! Start an adventure with a friend!


Towny is a semi-hardcore gamemode with magic called bending. Complete with a town system, many new mechanics and items to just spice up things even more! If you love a challenge and learning new things then Towny is for you! Feeling good about what you have learned? Warp to the arena and fight others and claim victory!

Towncraft Towny Server

Towncraft Creative Server


On Creative, imagination is your limit. Once on, you can claim your own plot and start building away. You gain access to creative mode to start building, you'll also have access to basic WorldEdit commands to help you make your builds massive! Version 2 adds 9 times more space for epic builds and a custom terrain around each island. We hope you enjoy!


Skyblock is a gamemode where you start on a floating island with minimal resources. Compete with others or join them and jump to the top of the leaderboards! Difficult challenges are set for you through your sky adventure, complete them for rewards! It takes perseverance, dedication, and effort to get to the top!

Towncraft SkyBlock Server

Towncraft SkyBlock Server


A new twist on the skyblock experience. Join up with nothing but a single Bedrock block. Every 30 seconds you are given a random item and you must work to build your home with whatever you are provided. See how long it takes you to get a lava bucket and water to start building your own empire!


Custom servers for players to build and customize to their liking. The sky is the limit on what they can do and build. With the added benefit of complete protection by controlling their own whitelist. Some servers on Towncraft are player created and open for your enjoyment. Make sure to stop by them and check out the awesome designs and gamemodes they have created!

Towncraft Player Servers



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Discord - discord.me/towncraft