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Towncraft has been around for over 7+ years now. What started off as a small community minecraft server has developed into something we couldn't even imagine!


The Towncraft staff team are friendly, dedicated, and always online to help everything run smoothly. Have any questions? Make sure to do /tc staff ingame to reach out!


We have Survival, Creative, Towny, SkyBlock and many others on our network, all with fully custom builds and useful perks and features. Join in the fun today!


Towncraft Survival Server


Survival is a gamemode where you start in a world with only your wits. Join others or go solo and survive the dangers lurking in every direction! Land claiming tools help players keep safe and protected from griefers far and near! Complete with full economy and jobs system to make money! Start an adventure with a friend!


On Creative, imagination is your limit. Once on, you can claim your own plot and start building away. You gain access to creative mode to start building, you'll also have access to basic WorldEdit commands to help you make your builds massive! Version 2 adds 9 times more space for epic builds and a custom terrain around each island. We hope you enjoy!

Towncraft Creative Server

Towncraft SkyBlock Server


Skyblock is a gamemode where you start on a floating island with minimal resources. Compete with others or join them and jump to the top of the leaderboards! Difficult challenges are set for you through your sky adventure, complete them for rewards! It takes perseverance, dedication, and effort to get to the top!