Towncraft: Friends and Adventure

 Loot Drop DB

Material Name Lore

Great Canadian Bacon Cooked by the great Moxneo!

Possible side effects!
> You will want more!
> You will want to put bacon on bacon!
> You will join #bacon in chat when Moxneo logs in!

Wheat Seed ONLY ONE!

MemeLord1902's Trident of Welcome To Chili's! This trident was forged in Chili's using the spiciest of chili cheese tacos.

Da Goomba of de Mushroom Kingdom RUN MARIO

Cauldron of... Nothing? Well
at least you found the cauldron.

One Leaf Clover Is it even a clover at this point?!

Green Pants of Greenness Only slightly used!

One Second Ban Hamma For the naughty fishers among us

Hat of xMayo Derpiness X
Mayonnaise Dukes

Sword of Towncraft Used by Kolgrath to fight off hoards of zombies in TC2!
In celebration of July 4th 2015

Fish That Was Too Small For those who couldn't quite catch the big ones!

NZCarpie's Fishing Rod of Relaxing Carpie loves to fish.
A great staff member of TC.

Fosters Axe of Coming Back Remembering Foster2964 visiting again on 2023-01-18!

13.5 Item Shulker Box If it's half the size
it must hold half the
right? I just don't want to be the .5 item.

BlueMonkey26's End Pillar Faithfully deconstructed by BlueMonkey26 and

Bugs Fish of Fishy Smelly X
Slimy V

Found in the depths of the ocean.
Not sure how they survived obtaining this!

Holiday Spirit Gives you that warm glowy feeling inside.
Look! Its spreading!

Yellow Wrapped Gift What could it possibly be?
... CHEESE ...

Red Wrapped Gift ITS A PUPPY! YAY! YAY!
(puppy not included)

Five Golden Rings -------------------------------
On the fifth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me

Five uneven golden nuggets.

Toy Making Station Freshly imported from up north!
Hope the elves don't mind...

Snowglobe Just add snow!
And probably a town or something...

Partridge in a Pear Tree ---------------------------------------
On the first day of Christmas

My true love gave to me

A poorly renamed feather in a pear tree.

New Years Resolution #17-21 - Play more Towncraft.
- Actually finish a project for once.
- Memorize color codes.
- Come up with a better place to store these resolutions.

Frosty's Eye Vision X

Winter Wonderland Well the weather outside is frightful...
...Not much warmer inside though...

Frosty's Nose Jolliness X
Happiness X
Frosty the Snowman's nose!

The Abominable Snowman's Snow Hat Snow Protection X
Worn by the Abominable Snowman
and it still smells too.... yucky!

The Abominable Snowman's Snow Shirt Snow Protection X
Worn by the Abominable Snowman
and it still smells too.... yucky!

The Abominable Snowman's Snow Pants Snow Protection X
Worn by the Abominable Snowman
and it still smells too.... yucky!

The Abominable Snowman's Snow Shoes Snow Protection X
Worn by the Abominable Snowman
and it still smells too.... yucky!

Twinkly Christmas Light Twinkliness X
A very pretty christmas light

Twinkly Christmas Light Twinkliness X
A very pretty christmas light

Happy New Years Eve Eve! This rocket is just to make sure they
work properly. As is the next one.

Oatmeal Rasin Some Disassembly required.
Side effects include happiness.

Sugar Cookie /!\ WARNING /!\
Attracts Santa

Chocolate Chip Cookie If you give a mouse a cookie...
...They'll want a glass of milk to go with it.

Diamonds to You! Make this diamond a gift to someone!
...Or not... ...Just keep it...

Festive Golden Shovel He sees you when your sleeping

He knows when your awake

He knows if you claimed your builds or not

So claim them for goodness sake!

Yeti Horn
Doot doot to DOOT!
Wonder where this came from...

Glass of Milk HoHoHo
hand over the

Enchanted Book Holiday Spirit III
Magic IV

Carrot Nose Has anyone seen a corncob pipe?
Or two eyes made out of stones?

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree "Everything I touch dies."

The Last Snowjam Snowball As it turns out
just a bit of s
can really
really ruin your day.

Turkey Drop "With God as my witness

I thought turkeys could fly!"

Tinsel Probably won't shed more than the average dog!
...Wouldn't bet too much on that though...

Warm Snowman Don't let a few degrees stop you

this defiantly a snowman!
...well it was at somepoint anyway...

Model of the Grinch's Heart Grows to 3x the size!
Also try our expanding alligator!

Red Ryder BB Gun
You'll shoot your eye out...
You'll shoot your eye out...

Roast Beast Carved by the Grinch himself!
...Who is to say what it is...

Festive Wrapping Paper Guaranteed to be just short every time!
Don't forget the ribbon and tape.

Peice of Mistletoe Protip: Keep away from Loki

Beetroot Even the Grinch himself
wouldn't bother to steal this!

Rudolph's Nose "Got your nose!"

Sled Not the one horse kind!

Christmas Tree /!\ Warning /!\
May attract reindeer.

Stocking Dryer-outer Rapid oxidation at full blast!
Hope you brought S'mores...

Rudolph Am I the only one uneasy about the glowing nose?
And the fact that he can fly?

Reindeer Feed Make sure to feed the reindeer every day.
they won't drive the sleigh.

Magical Unicorn Horn Harvested with ethical practices.
Do not show off to Unicorns.

Underground Ice Water that has frozen underground.

Packed Snow Ultra-Packed snow
walked on by
many players.

Santa's Sleigh Max Speed Rating: 10
000 mph
Don't forget to feed the reindeer!

Present for Naughty Children There's always next year.
Please stop the TNT. Please.

The Grinch's Wig Found on the base of Mount Everest. So this was what he was hiding all along! Aha!

Flashlight Requires 4 quadruple A (AAAA) batteries.
Warrenty void if turned on.

Purple Pomegranate From the end. Not advisable for kids 2 and under because of the magical seeds. Teleportation V
Void Protection X

Mox's Unsharpened Pencil Yeah it broke the first time
he tried sharpening it.

Bottle of Air Cost $10
Can you belive
ligt18098 tried to sell me my own air for $10! smh

Katie's Gift Boots

Santa's Pants Worn by santa over the years while deliverying AWESOME gifts to the world!

Katie's Gift Chestplate

Katie's Gift Helmet

Swollen Sick Mushroom Poor mushroom
got a bad case of clicken pox

Marlin Father Of Nemo

Coconut Ice Cream

Rip Jeffery Bob Dave Finn Timothy the III Ravager

Candy Cane Pick Sweetness V
Minty III
Icey III


Chimken Nuggeet Of DiNo

JadeKoolAid's Swimming Shirt




Mimo's Stinky Diamond Shoe

Obsidian's Spectral Arrow that he accidently got by using /cook:block

Mimo's Early Birthday Cake Vanilla flavoured with a chocolate dinosaur on top
because dino's are the best

Early Birthday Item: 2020/08/28

Golden Sword 99% real gold!
Breaks quickly
but still awesome!
Have fun with it!

The Helmet Of Zues This Helmet Was
Forged On Mt.Olympus By The Gods

Mimo's Royal Swimming Shirt

Hot Cocoa Soooooooo Refreshing!

PistonLord's Half-Baked Idea Maybe an apple of shininess? No...
How about... a sword in the stone? Too generic.
How about... What if... Maybe...

Upside Down Party Hat For when its time to PARTY!!!

Really Big hatchet Not good for Throwing but good for chopin trees

Green Ruby True players know

The Head of PistonLord's Snow Golom One day PistonLord tried to shave his snow golom

And this fell off!
It could be used to make a new one though.

End Sand When endermen decided to import sand to the end

It turned into a mixture of sand and endstone.
You could call it "sendstone"!

-Azzy's claw- It's not a goat horn
I swear!
Scratching X
Sharpness X

Golden spoon A little too big for eating cereal with. . .
You can make claims with it

Shiny coin! I'm not sure on whether it's legal tender or not . . .

Backwards 'e' Whoever made this is terrible at handwriting.
It appears to be made out of high-quality wood
Spell check X

Laser pointer! Try not to shine it in your eyes. . .
oh wait
there aren't any batteries in it. Sad.

Literal Junk Pulled from PrinceBunBun's closet.
Maybe it's useful to someone?

ScriptJunkie's Secure Server One of Towncraft's decommissioned
servers. Still works though!

Crisp Dollar Bill Worth Nothing
Burnt to a crisp
In times of emergancy

can be used as toast.

Egg Of Pokeballness Gotta Catch 'em all!

Worthless Gold Sells for virtually nothing.
Costs an insane amount.

The Best Food Hearty and (may) help your vision.
Use to breed super-pigs.
Or not.

Snail Shell Maybe you shouldn't use this if a snail
disliked it enough to abandon it?

Block O Beans Tasty Tasty Block O beans
Expiration date: Yesterday.

Gross Mystery Item Do you want to know where this is from?
I certainly don't.

Piece Of The Original End From the Original 2022 end.
From the Desolate wasteland of the Dragon's Island.

Missile Launcher Launch missiles and arrows alike.
Using incompatible projectiles may result in death.

Missile Use in the Missile Launcher.
Make sure you don't stand in front of it!

Snowball Fight Snowball Start a snowball fight!
Make sure to stay warm!

Green Glove Towncraft's researcher's couldn't figure
out what to do with this
So now it's a glove.
Warning: Be careful due to high brittleness.

Arrow of Uselessness This is a normal arrow.
One-time use only.
Re-using may result in inaccurate aim.

Potion Of No Potion Effects How does that work?
The Parodox Potion

Slightly Larger Coal Enlargified Coal

Ripoff Stone But I wanted real stone!
This doesn't even stack!

Cannellini Beans More beans for you to eat!
Best used in soup!

Void The Heart of The World.
Don't let Script catch you with this!

Flare Help me!

Butter Beans Slathered with butter!
NOT Lima Beans!

Energy Core Powers a whole nation.
60 day warrenty.

That One Old Musty Bone Try to forget about it.
Can be used to make smelly bone meal.
Don't snap it in half!

Not Not Green Emerald Is it green?
All we know is it's not not green.
Worth Nothing at Most Storefronts.

Towncraft Info Last Updated: 2022-08-19

Completely Pure Water Sourced from the finest local swamps!

Warning Of The Beepocolypse It's coming.

Valuable Rotten Flesh Probably worth more than nothing! Maybe...

Firewall Not today

Updater Updating... Completion time: 1 day 5 hours.

Dubious crate A crate labeled 'Shipped By Script™'.
It feels like it's filled with cheap plastic.
Might be a counterfeit.

Dubious crate A crate labeled 'Shipped By Script™'.
It feels like it's filled with expensive plastic.
Probably legitimate.

Last Dragon Egg EVER! Or is it? Keep a keen eye out
for the end is reset randomly!

Book Of Minecraft Slang Do we need a whole book? Yes. Yes we do.

100.00 Coins

1000.00 Coins

Suspicious Leather Don't question it's origins.

TechMechs Airplane Its been told this thing can fly
for miles before landing.

Granted i wouldnt try because
you may not get it back!

PistonLord's Piston of Slimy Stuffs It is said that this is their favorite piston.
If found please return to the owner. :D

$25k Banknote Does absolutely nothing.

Gold Diamond Its cracked. Rip

Batmanfish's Greatest Hits Side A:
"Maze Near a Mountain"
"Awesomesauce (I Put It On Everything)"
"Y23 In My Heart"
Side B:
"I'm Bat
I'm a Man
and I'm a Fish"
"Superheroes Are People Too"
"/Seen Batmanfish (Yes You Did)"
"My Chests Be Full

VinylRecord88's Single: "I Know Where You Sleep" Lyrics:
you may have money

But let me tell you something that isn't funny

If you think about bidding
you may want to stop
Or you'll hear the sound of an anvil drop.
You might also hear your skull kind of squish

And then you'll need to ask Kolgrath for a wish.
Or maybe find Exominer to sell you a head

Because your old one is smashed right into your bed."

PuppyO's Bone of Skeletonness PuppyO once buried this bone in
Kolgrath's backyard. Then a wolf
came along and dug it up. Now
it's yours!

Diam0nd_dude's Funny Bone Give this back to him so he can laugh.


KittyCatGirl28's Special Cat Feed

Egg You Get For Getting the Last Hit You got the last hit on the dragon!

Tear from the 1000 Ghast Night Motivic nearly destroyed TC that night.

BeaglePotato Eat this potato and u will become a REAL Beagle! :D

JamesTheWolf's Cooking Class Project Uh... I wouldn't eat that if I were you.

Batmanfish's Kickin' Beef Jerky

ashleypeach's Peachy Pie

Lillian0903's Golden Carrot of the Hungry Pig Pigs gotta eat. Why not in luxury?

T0RRENZ Repellant The T-man is not a fan of cobble.

It's Cobble. Whoopie!

Sponge That Dreams of Being A Lucky Block Some day little sponge... some day.

Batmanfish's Water Helmet

Plug For Sinking Ships Iceberg punched a hole in your boat?
Plug it with THIS!

The Cobble Of Life Cobbleness X

Mister Ed

You See Nothing

Knockback Cake It's cake. With Knockback 2.

Kolgrath's Ol' Fashioned Acrobatics Training Potion

Kolgrath's Whacky-Cutty Blade Slicing X
Dicing X
It slices! It dices!
It takes up an inventory slot!

Piece of the Meteor Towncraft 1.5 was destroyed
by a meteor.

Zombie Acopylapse Sword Used to defend players from the Acopylapse

Greatsword of Possibilities You didn't win VIP
but you got a cool sword.

BreadSlicer Toast Buttering X
Cream Cheese Spreading X

The Stone Slab Handed to script during an epic drop party!
I will love it and care for it forever!!!

ScriptJunkie's Scepter of Epic Partying Some say ScriptJunkie is the
and Executioner...
...OF FUN!

Bobkabob5's Professional Grade Hoe For the farmer serious about their farm.

LuckyBlock Luck X
Unlucky V

Just A Blue Shiny Thing

TC2's New Currency When TC2 came on
experimented with using sponge
as special currency.

Mew's Yellow This is mew's yellow.
If you have this in your hand

you must talk in

Repair Cactus Used by those to
boost thou mcmmo repair!

Lucky Soup

ScriptJunkie's Loaf of Mystery Wheat How hungry are you that you're
to take a chance on eating this?

Humble_Bubba's Lucky Raw Porkchop It's raw. It's lucky. It's a porkchop.

CPx's Apple - This apple is a sign of AWESOMENESS!
- Please take care of it with your life :)
- And don't give it out to anyone!!!

BackPack Storage X
Make sure You keep all your School
supplies safe!

Charcoal Face Mask -Rose

Batmanfish's Single: "Don't TPA Me, Bro" Lyrics:
"You're kidding
you requested me again?
You'll be waiting for a while and then

For typing /tpaccept I'm sure I'll be thanked

But I hit the backspace 'cause you just been pranked!"

Exominer406's Single: "Get On Your Side" Lyrics:
"I told you before
it's not a triangle

Now get over there or be ready to tangle.
The line in the middle is easy to see

Now quit swinging your pick when you're right next to me!"


#2 Pencil Eraser V
Never know when your gonna need a good Pencil!

Cookie's Claim Your Builds Stick!

Awesome Wand Of Awesomeness Wingardium Leviosa!

Ron Weasley's Wand Accio!

Lucky Stick

Fish Sticks Sometimes they come out chewy
Sometimes they are hard as rocks!

CPx's Shears of Slicing Don't kill too many zombies with these <3

Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bow It's a bow... with Power 6! And Infinity!
I suppose you wanted more enchants.

ScriptJunkie's Shiny Swimming Trunks Splashable X

Pick of Lava Dropping Lava Resistance 0
Many of these will be lost to lava.

The Polar Pickaxe

Scripts Pick of Clean Code #include
int main()
std::cout << "Hello

Nlghts Harvester

Towncraft Rod of the Sea Good fishin'!

Magical Fruit of the Winter It is said it gives you powers
but people have a hard time
finding it in the wild

ScriptJunkie's Boots of Troll /Kicking "Cause trouble on MY server?
I'll /kick and /ban you. On second thought
I've already programmed 20 plugins
to handle that for me!" -ScriptJunkie

Radars Sticky Throne Glue Used to build a throne
and stick Script in it...
Welp he's stuck now. Muahahaha

Emergency Diamond Fund In case of emergency
break block.

Leash of Beagle Walking Don't forget to take your
beagle for a walk!