Towncraft: Friends and Adventure

 Rules and Guidelines

Rules Overview

Towncraft is a family-friendly Minecraft server that was created to provide a secure environment for players of all ages. We have established a set of rules that we ask every player to adhere to without exception. By joining Towncraft, whether in-game or our Discord, you agree to follow the rules outlined below, as well as our Terms of Service.

We encourage players to engage in positive and friendly ways while not disrespecting or abusing others. We promote an atmosphere where mutual respect is shown and all players are treated kindly and fairly. Our rules are designed to allow players of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy Towncraft to its fullest and maintain a warm and secure environment for all.

Player Etiquette

We are dedicated to upholding a family-friendly and respectful armosphere for all players. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, below is a general list of behavior we do not tolerate. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and we still reserve the right to punish players for anything we deem against our guidelines.

Maintaining a Friendly Environment

Use of offensive language, curse words, dating or romance, or any form of disrespectful communication is strictly prohibited. We maintain a strict stance on this matter to ensure the chat and any other form of communication remains consistently family-friendly and suitable for players of all ages.

Example: Under no circumstances should profanity or derogatory terms be employed when engaging with other players.

Inappropriate Content

We uphold a stringent standard for content across the board. This encompasses usernames, skins, capes, signs, books, builds, and any other form of content that appears within our server. Absolutely no inappropriate, offensive, or offensive material is allowed.

Example: All content, including usernames, skins, capes, signs, and books, must adhere to our policy against any form of offensive or inappropriate material.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to inappropriate or explicit content on Towncraft. Any attempt to bypass our pre-existing filtering to get around our rules will result in an immediate ban.


Flooding the chat with repeated messages, excessive characters, or repetitive content disrupts the experience for others. Please avoid spamming to maintain a clear and enjoyable communication environment.

Example: Refrain from typing the same message repeatedly or using gibberish.

Respect for Others

Arguing, engaging in drama, or displaying disrespect towards other players is not allowed. Treat each other with kindness and empathy.

Example: Avoid getting into heated arguments or belittling others in the chat.

Protecting Player Privacy

Requesting or sharing personal information, including real names, addresses, or any confidential details, is strictly prohibited to protect everyone's privacy.

Example: Do not ask other players for personal contact information or share your personal details.

Advertising or Redirecting

Promoting third-party websites, servers, or other platforms is not allowed in the chat. We want to keep the focus on the Towncraft community.

Example: Avoid sharing links to external websites or encouraging players to join other servers.

Fair Play

Exploiting bugs, using unfair advantages, or cheating in any way is strictly prohibited. We value fair competition and gameplay.

Example: Do not use modified clients or glitches to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Individual mods with the use of enhancing gameplay or improving performance are permitted so long as they do not give an unfair advantage over others. More information about our modification guidelines can be found here.

Fair Communication

While we encourage diverse languages and cultures, English is the preferred language for communication to ensure inclusivity and clear understanding among players.

Example: Refrain from using languages other than English while talking on our server or Discord.

Staff Respect

Our staff members work constantly to maintain the server's integrity. Treat them with respect and cooperation.

Example: Approach staff members with courtesy and follow their instructions.

Account Integrity

Using hacked or compromised accounts or clients is strictly prohibited. Play fairly and uphold the principles of honesty and integrity. Note: Your account is your responsibility.

Example: Do not access or use accounts that do not belong to you.


Harassing or intimidating players, including unwanted attention or messages, is against our rules.

Example: Do not send repeated messages to a player who has asked you to stop or is uncomfortable.

Keep It Neutral

To maintain a pleasant environment, refrain from discussing sensitive topics like religion and politics in the chat.

Example: Avoid engaging in debates or discussions about religious or political matters.

Discord Guidelines

Stay On Topic

When participating in text or voice channels, try to keep the discussion relevant to the channel's designated topic. This helps maintain organized conversations and allows everyone to engage more effectively.

Be Respectful in Voice Channels

When using voice channels, treat others with kindness and respect. Avoid interrupting others and make sure everyone has a chance to contribute to the conversation.

No Inappropriate Content

Do not share, stream, or post any content that is offensive, explicit, or inappropriate. This includes text, images, links, and any other form of media. Our Discord server is a family-friendly space.

No Self-Promotion

Avoid promoting personal websites, servers, or content in our Discord server without prior permission. Self-promotion can be disruptive to the community.

Use Relevant Channels

Post content in the appropriate channels. This makes it easier for everyone to find information and engage in discussions relevant to their interests.

In addition to our rules and guidelines, be sure to follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. We will take action on any member who breaks our rules or Discord's.

Modification Guidelines

Mods play a significant role in enhancing the default Minecraft experience, offering performance improvements and much more. However, not all mods align with our rules, so we have made these guidelines to help players understand what modifications we permit on our server.

Using any mods on our server is done so at your own risk, you are responsible for your own account.

Allowed Modifications

We've categorized modifications to provide some clarity on what's acceptable and what isn't.

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Modifications that enhance the client's performance without altering gameplay fall within this category. These mods improve FPS, making your gameplay smoother.

  • HUD Enhancements
  • Modifications that merely alter the appearance of your HUD are acceptable, while changes that provide extra, unauthorized information are not permitted.

  • Cosmetic or Aesthetic Modifications
  • Modifications that alter the game's visual aspects without changing gameplay. While shaders and resource packs are allowed, they mustn't modify block properties (e.g. making blocks transparent) or changing the player's perspective.

  • Gamma Adjustment Modifications
  • Modifications that adjust the brightness and gamma settings to allow for better visibility in darker areas are allowed.

  • Minimap & Navigation Enhancements
  • Modifications that add minimaps or navigation tools to help players navigate the world are permitted, as long as they don't reveal hidden or inaccessible areas or entity locations.

  • Chat & Communication Modifications
  • Modifications that enhance the chat functionality, such as splitting private messages vs global channels, adding timestamps, or improved formatting, are allowed. However, modifications that enable spamming or automated messages are not permitted.

  • Sound Enhancements
  • Modifications that enhance the game's audio experience without altering gameplay are allowed. These could include improved sound effects, ambient sounds, or better audio apatialization.

  • Accessibility Modifications
  • Modifications designed the improve accessibility for players with disabilities, auch as visual or auditory impairments, are generally permitted. These modifications should aim to provide equal opportunities for enjoyment without altering gameplay mechanics or automating the game.

  • Gameplay Recorders
  • Modifications that allow players to record their gameplay sessions and playback those recordings are permitted. These modifications may also include the ability to change perspectives during the playback. Such modifications are allowed, as they provide a means for players to capture and share their in-game experiences without altering gameplay mechanics.

Examples of Allowed Modifications

  • Optifine, OptiFabric, Sodium, etc.
  • These mods improve the overall optimization and FPS (Frames Per Second) of your game, allowing for smoother gameplay and other visual customization.

  • Armor Status, Effect Status, etc.
  • These mods provide additional HUD elements like a customizable scoreboard, potion effects display, and other visual enhancements without altering gameplay.

  • FullBright, GammaBright, etc.
  • These mods allow players to adjust gamma settings to improve visibility in darker areas, such as caves.

  • JourneyMap, Zero's Minimap, etc.
  • These mods add a minimap to the game, allowing players to mark waypoints, explore the map, and navigate more efficiently.

    Please note that using any form of minimap that allows you to see entities or players even when hidden or out of view are not allowed.

  • Compact Chat, Chat Patches, etc.
  • These mods improve the way that chat works providing better organization, formatting, and more.

    Keep in mind that mods that alter the way that chat works may interfere with our systems to keep inappropriate content hidden.

  • Replay Mod / Gameplay Recorders
  • These mods allow players to record and replay their gameplay sessions, as well as edit camera perspectives for creating cinematic videos.

  • Litematica / Build Schematics
  • These mods help players build by showing "hologram" versions of structures, allowing them to recreate builds block for block.

    Please note that using any form of printer to automatically place blocks is forbidden.

  • Enhancement or Quality of Life Clients
  • Clients aimed to improve the quality of the game are permitted, such as Badlion, Lunar, Labymod, etc.

    This does not mean hack or cheat clients, any client used that gives an unfair advantage over others is strictly prohibited.

Disallowed Modifications

While it's impossible to provide an exhaustive list of disallowed modifications, any that give significant advantages to players on any of our servers on the network, regardless of how they're used, are against our rules.

  • Automation of Gameplay
  • We maintain a strict stance against automating gameplay actions, whether through modifications, external software, or hardware. This includes but is not limited to auto-clickers, macros, and aim assists. The essence of fair competition and skill-based play is compromised when these automation tools are employed. Such modifications are strictly forbidden on our server.

  • Alteration of Interactions
  • Modifications that alter the way your Minecraft client interacts with our server are categorically prohibited. This applies even if such modifications fall within an allowed category. We insist that any modifications used must be confined to the client side and not in any way modify or change the behavior of the game as it interfaces with our server. This policy is in place to ensure that all players engage in fair, consistent, and uniform gameplay experiences.

    We may host servers for modpacks from time to time, modifications from those modpacks are permitted so long as they are only used on the specified server with the modpack installed. This does not mean you can use mods from those modpacks on other servers on our network.

Should you encounter a modification that does not fit into one of our defined allowed categories, we strongly advise that you assume it falls under the category of disallowed modifications. This approach ensures that the integrity of our server rules remains intact and that all players are on a level playing field.

We are committed to maintaining a fair, enjoyable, and balanced gaming environment for all players. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to upholding the core principles of our community.


Players found violating our rules and guidelines will face consequences such as mutes, bans, etc. Our aim is to sustain a warm and safe environment for all players.

Moreover, here are a few points to consider after a rule violation:

  • The severity of a player's behavior and past can result in even harsher consequences such as unappealable blacklists.
  • Players have the option to appeal punishments by submitting an appeal.
  • Positive behavior over time can lead to reduced punishment durations.