The Rules of Towncraft

-= No Griefing =-

Do not tear down a building that isn’t yours.

Do not try to break into a building that isn’t yours.

Do not take crops that aren’t yours without asking.

Do not try and build on top of another player’s claim. Give at least a 10 block buffer.


-= Protect Your Land =-

You can prevent players from griefing you by claiming your land.

On survival servers you start with 100 claim blocks. That is a 10×10 plot. You’ll earn more as you play and can expand your plot or claim new ones.

If you build outside of claimed land, you do so at your own risk. Staff and Admins are not obligated to repair any grief done to unprotected land.

Bottom Line: If you don’t want to be stolen from or griefed, keep your builds within the size of your claim and only trust people you actually trust!

You can expand your claims or claim new areas by using a Gold Shovel. To do this, right click one corner of your land, and then right click with the shovel on the diagonal corner to set the claim size.

To resize an existing claim, right click one of the existing corners with your gold shovel and then right click again where you want the size of your new claim to be.

More information can be found on the Player Guide on


-= Family Friendly =-

We have players of all ages on Towncraft. This is a safe place for all to play, and the Staff and Admins will vigorously defend this.

That means:

No Swearing (That includes replacing swear words with symbols!)

No Racism

No Harassment

No Bullying

No Offensive Remarks

Just treat your fellow players with respect. It’s as simple as that.

Staff and Admins may mute, jail, temp ban, or ban you if you cannot get along with our family friendly community.


-= No Advertising =-

We are not responsible for content on other sites and servers, so we don’t want players directing other players to potentially offensive or dangerous websites and servers. This includes advertising other servers or websites in-game as well as on comments or forums. Staff and Admins reserve the right to immediately ban anyone caught advertising other sites or servers on any Towncraft services.


-= No Cheating =-

We have zero tolerance for hacking. If you are caught flying, you will be banned. If you are caught speed running, you will be banned. If you are caught spawning items, you will be banned. If you exploit game mechanics including but not limited to duping items or bypassing costs, you will be banned.

Bottom line is, if it’s something you need to try and “get away with it” then it will probably get you banned. Be fair. Be ethical. Have fun.


-= No Bullying =-

We have a zero tolerance against bullying. Being mean to other players is not acceptable. Players who come to Towncraft are accepted for who they are and are treated as a friend. If you want to insult another player by calling them names, harassing them, or being cruel to them, then you are doing that to one of Kolgrath’s friends. When you do that to Kolgrath’s friends, you will find yourself banned.


-= No Spamming =-

Spamming comes in many forms.

Using the same letter repeatedly:

Saying the same thing over and over again:

Repeating questions over and over again if you don’t get an answer is spam.

Excessive punctuation is spam!!!!!!11111

Spam is bad. We don’t like spam. Spam may get you muted, kicked, temp banned or even banned.

Be cool. Don’t spam.


-= No Contact Info =-

Do not share your contact information with others.

We want to keep you safe on here so don’t tell people your full name, or your age, or what city you live. Don’t tell people your Skype, Snapchat, or any other usernames. And don’t ask others for that information.

The only personal information that is okay to share on Towncraft is your FIRST name, your state or country, and your gender. But don’t ask for that information from other people. If you want to volunteer it, that’s up to you.




Don’t type in all caps. Don’t abuse it. It’s okay to emphasize a WORD in caps, but don’t type in ALL CAPS.


-= Color and Formatting in Chat =-

VIPs have the ability to chat in color.

There are two simple rules with that:

  1. &4 and &c are limited to only one word per line of chat.
  2. The format codes &k &l &m &n are not to be used.


-= AFK Pools =-

To keep lag to a minimum Towncraft disconnects any player who is inactive for more than 5 minutes.

Do not create builds or contraptions designed to keep your player from being considered inactive.


-= Redstone Clocks =-

Redstone clocks are not allowed.


-= Becoming Staff =-

Becoming a Staff Member is a magical experience.

If you’re lucky enough to be CHOSEN, great.

But never, ever ask for OP, Staff, or Admin. If you do, that’s a 100% guaranteed way to make sure you’ll never ever get the chance. Just don’t do it.


-= Begging =-

Do not ask Staff or Admins to spawn items for you, to teleport you, for free claim blocks, to toggle downfall, to turn it to day/night, to stop mob events or kill mobs.

If it involves altering the environment or gameplay, don’t ask Staff or Admins to do it.

Do not ask for free stuff on chat. If you need something it must be asked for as a trade.

For example, if you refuse to punch a tree to make sticks, you can say on chat, “Want to trade for sticks.” Or “I need some sticks. Can I trade someone for some?”

If someone wants to OFFER you some for free, that’s fine. But you have to open the request as a trade.

The staff do fun giveaways from time to time at their discretion.  Don’t expect handouts… roll up your sleeves and punch a tree!


-= Creative and Flying =-

Do not ask for Creative Mode. We have a creative server at /creative.

Do not ask for Flying.


-= PlanetMinecraft =-

No, you’re not from

Move along.


-= Drama, Whining, Complaining =-

Towncraft is a fun place to play. When people cause trouble on chat by starting drama, complaining, or whining, that brings everyone down.

If you didn’t win a contest, I know it’s terrible, but please, just look forward to the next time. If someone won’t build in your town, let it go. If you fell in lava, move on. If you have lag, chatting “laaaaaaaag” won’t fix it.

We want everyone to have a safe and fun time here on Towncraft. Admins and Staff will not let Drama, Complaining, or Whining interfere with that.


-= Staff & Admins =-

As Staff and Admins we are here to help keep Towncraft a safe and fun place for everyone.

Staff and Admins are unpaid volunteers that play here too.

With that in mind, that is why we have a Ticket system for helping players.

If you need assistance from a Staff member, you must use /report to open a ticket.

If you have a general question, that’s fine to ask on chat as other players may have the answer.

But if it requires Staff or Admin interaction (i.e. You’re locked out of your own claim or a coupon code isn’t working) then use /report.


-= Ban Appeals =-

If you are banned, you can generally attempt to appeal your ban on our website: Towncraft.US. Click the Ban Appeal link.

Submitting a ban appeal on the website is the ONLY way to get unbanned.

Posting a comment on one of Kolgrath’s YouTube videos asking to be unbanned generally hurts your chances.

Do not ask on chat to have your friend unbanned. There’s a chance you might find yourself banned as well.

We have a policy in place. Following that policy is the only chance you have to be possibly unbanned.


-= Summary =-

Towncraft is about family friendly fun and community. We’re a great gaming community that treats each other with respect.

The whole point of being here is to have fun, and when everyone follows the rules that’s exactly what happens.

Enjoy your time on Towncraft. Roll up your sleeves, punch some trees and make some friends.

This is an EPIC world.

Enjoy!   – Kolgrath