Towncraft: Friends and Adventure


============== Command Reference ==============

Creative Plot Commands

/plot - Default plot command to see a list of EX: /plot
available commands. EX: /plot
/plot auto - Auto create a new plot if you EX: /plot auto
dont already own one. EX: /plot auto
/plot home - Teleport to your home plot if EX: /plot home
you have one. EX: /plot home
/plot visit playername - Visit a players plot
if they have it allowed. EX: /plot visit ScriptJunkie
/plot tp playername - Alias to plot visit. EX: /plot tp ScriptJunkie
/plot flags - Enabled / Disable flags on your plot. EX: /plot flags
Set time, weather etc. EX: /plot flags
/plot merge - Merge 2 adjacent plots next to eachother. EX: /plot merge
Plots must be owned by the same player. EX: /plot merge
Use this command while looking at the adjacent plot EX: /plot merge
in the direction you want to merge. EX: /plot merge

============== Command Reference ==============