Towncraft: Friends and Adventure


=============== Towncraft Information ===============

Mondo Chests Overview:

Mondo Chests are used to create simplified sorting
for your items. The main thing is to create a master
and child chests that the items sort from and to.

Creating your first Mondo Chest setup:
Create a chest and place a sign above it with
the following on the first line:

Create another chest and add a sign next to it or
above with the following on the first line:

Now right click on the Master sign.

Now right click the child signs to link to this master.

Now to make it work you need to add 1 item to the slave
chest. This can be a single item like a bone,
pickaxe, eggs etc.

Once you have 1 item in each of the slave / child
chests, you can now use the sorting feature.

Now any items that are placed in the master chest can
be sorted into the child chests by right clicking the
sign above the master.

Mondo Command Reference:
/mondo - Used to see all commands available for EX: /mondo
mondo chests plugin. EX: /mondo
/mondo find - used to find something in your chests EX: /mondo find arrow
that have been stored. EX: /mondo find arrow
* Only usable after clicking master sign. EX: /mondo find arrow

=============== Towncraft Information ===============