Towncraft: Friends and Adventure


============== Command Reference ==============

Server Economy And Gaining Money

Misc Commands:
/bal - Check your balance on current server. EX: /bal
/baltop - See whose got the most moolah. EX: /baltop
/pay {playername} amount - Ability to pay other players EX: /pay {playername} 500

/worth - While holding an item you can check the price EX: /worth
the server will buy it at when using sell EX: /worth
/sellhand - Sell all of the specific item EX: /sellhand
your holding from your inventory. EX: /sellhand
/sell - Sell a single stack of an EX: /sell
item that is in your hand. EX: /sell

/auc - Auction command available on certain servers. EX: /auc
/auc start qty sellAmount bidIncrement EX: /auc start 1 500 50
Example: /auc s 1 500 50 EX: /auc start 1 500 50
/auc ignore - Used to disable /enable auction spam. EX: /auc ignore
/auc spam - Hides most auction messages EX: /auc spam
and limits what is shown. EX: /auc spam

/jobs - Jobs plugin to earn money in game EX: /jobs
while doing normal tasks. EX: /jobs
/jobs browse - Open GUI to browse available EX: /jobs browse
jobs. Most servers allow more than 1 job to EX: /jobs browse
be assigned per player. EX: /jobs browse

============== Command Reference ==============