Towncraft: Friends and Adventure


=============== Towncraft Information ===============

Server Monitoring:

NetSync - We use a custom plugin called netsync to
protect players from cussing and being abusive on
the server. This plugin is completely developed by
Towncraft and is the core of all of the servers.

NetSync monitors the following in game:
Chat - Monitors global, msg and all custom chat rooms.
Signs - All text is validated and the sign destroyed
if offense is detected.
Item - Item lores are validated to be clean.
Books - All pages in books are scanned and validated
before being passed on to other players. If offensive
word is detected then it is erased from the book and
the rest of the book is still untouched.

When an offense occurs all staff, ranks Vanguard and
above, are alerted and notified what type of offense
has occured. This alert shows us no matter where we
are on Towncraft that an offense has occured on a
specific item, book, sign or chat.

Specific staff, mainly adults / parents, are able
to see the words said / written. Other staff
will only know that an offense has occurred and will
not be exposed to the offensive words etc.

Any bypass of the NetSync system will result in an
immediate ban from Towncraft. We have a 0 tolerance
policy when it comes to explicit chat etc.

=============== Towncraft Information ===============