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Trade Signs Guide

Trade signs are a useful way to build your own shop
on the server. Using trades signs instead of
manually trading will prevent scamming of your items
from other players as well as allow your items to be
sold while you are offline.

Creating Your First Trade Sign:
A basic sign looks like the following:
| [Trade] | -> Line 1: [Trade]
| $1 | -> Line 2: $PRICE
| 1 stick:25 | -> Line 3: QTY_PER ITEM:TOTAL_QTY
|_______________| -> Line 4 should be blank

Line Info:
Line 1 will need to contain [Trade] with the brackets
Line 2 will need to have the dollar sign $ and the
amount you want to sell the item for.
Line 3 is the QTY you want to sell for the price
set on line 2. Then it needs the item name of
the item you wish yo trade with others via the
sign. After the item name you need a : to separate
the item into from the total quantity you have stored
within the sign. This number can be any amount you wish
to initially add to the sign while creating it.

When creating a sign you must have the item you want to
sell in your inventory. When the sign is created it will
take the items from your inventory and place them in the

If a sign is placed successfully the [Trade] will
turn blue. If it has an error it will turn red.

After some time once players purchase the items form your
sign you can retrieve the money from the sales by right
clicking the sign.

To restock the sign you can hold the item in your hand that
goes into the sign and right click on it. This will take the
qty of items from your hand and update the sign with the
updated qty you have added.

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